Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marvel Universe: Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor (Modular Armor)

Presenting the Marvel Universe Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor - which they called Modular Armor for some strange reason (Maybe the name Bleeding Edge came in late in the development of the product).

I have to say that I was not a fan of the Extremis armor that preceded the Bleeding Edge Iron Man armor because the Extremis basically transformed Iron Man into a cyborg. And despite the speed, strength, regenerative powers (Hey Wolverine! I can heal faster than you!) that accompanied the Extremis Armor, Thor still handed him his ass (But I suppose he had it coming).

The Bleeding Edge Armor is not as presumptive as the Extremis Armor even though it is, as Tony Stark put it "... What comes next." Instead of making him the pinnacle of humanity and more of a prime example of what nano-technology can do in terms of shapeshifting which I have to admit is pretty cool. Which is probably why it's also referred to as the Modular Armor because whatever Tony Stark needs, the Armor can adapt to - whether that means assuming the form and look of clothes, or forming boxing gloves, or forming a laser sword.

Though I have to admit that I'm pretty disappointed on how easy it was for Norman Osborn's Hammer group to take over his armor - and therefore control of Tony Stark himself.

Just realized that this Marvel Universe Bleeding Edge Armor is brought to you by Disney.

The Marvel Universe Iton Man Bleeding Edge Armor's (Modular Armor) blister card reads "Tony Stark Iron Man: You can learn a lot about a man from his suit. Billionaire Tony Stark prefers his crafter from the most advanced metals on earth, and equipped with computer systems that make "Space age" look prehistoric. He's not only the hero inside the suit, he's the genius behind the technologythat powers it, making Stark's own legend as great as the one he's forged as IRON MAN."

What's to like about the Marvel Universe Iron Man Bleeding Edge armor (Modular Armor)?

The paint job. While this is not the first Marvel Universe Iron Man to bear a metallic Gold and Red Armor. The particular sheen on this one is particularly nice. It makes you want to take it to the kitchen and try melting it down so that you can sell it given the price of Gold these days. 

The fine detailing further extends to his chest & hand emitters, eyes, and what can probably only be described as heat exchangers all over his body. 

Happily, unlike Disney's Storm, Psylocke and Gambit, Bleeding Edge Iron Man came with a stand. You can also pop off his head and replace it with the Tony Stark Head from Disney's Iron Man: Tony Stark Extremis armor set. 

And his overall articulation is incredible:

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe Iron Man Bleeding Edge armor (Modular Armor)?

His left hand - which is the hand that's open and showing his repulsor. Bleeding Edge Armor Iron Man does not come with a joint that allows him to raise his hand perpendicular to his wrist so that he can actually fire the repulsor - unless he wants to fire it down to the ground. He would have to raise his arm up really high to fire the repulsor forward. Further, the "Repulsor fire" attachment that comes with the figure is a wrist attachment. When attached, it looks like Iron Man drops an energy ball from his repulsor and somehow energy fires forward from it like magic. 

Another interesting problem with this particular Iron Man is that if you stick three robotic arms to his back he kinda looks like the Armor Tony Stark built for Spider Man (He should just build armor for all the Avengers). 

Other than that, it's a shining, shimmering, splendid toy from Disney. This particular Marvel Universe Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor (Modular Armor) was purchased in Toy's R' Us at the retail price of PhP 499.75 (Roughly US$11.62). Happily it's quite common and is now available in Amazon for US$ 4.95 (Roughly PhP 212.85 plus shipping)

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