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Green Lantern Stel and Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck

Presenting Green Lantern Stel and Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck from the DC Direct Green Lantern Series 4 and the latest additions to my Green Lantern Collection.

I'm not quite sure why DC Direct decided to do these two particular characters especially in light of the fact that there are far more popular characters that they could have tapped. At best these two are minor secondary characers and Arkkis Chummuck is dead having last been seen in the Darkest Night Series, and while Lantern Stel has become the new Green Lantern Drill Sergeant, he's by no means as popular as Lantern Kilowog.

But the two do have a "motiff" in common. Lantern Arkkis Chummuck is, in every sense of the word, literally an Emerald Knight while Lantern Stel is a walking tin-suit. And both have died - although Lantern Stel made it back alive (pun intended)

The two Green Lanterns have a common blister card that simply reads "The Universe is a big place... and there are enough Lanterns in the Corps to police it all!"

Now we'll break from our normal format for this review because... well they're DC Direct figures. You can't really expect much in terms of articulation and you know the detailing is good. DC Direct is pretty standard in terms of it's development.

Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck

Lantern Arkkis Chummuck hails from the planet Toomey VI which was at war with the neighboring planet of Xanshi. Unfortunately, Xanshi had a Green Lantern - Reever - who inserted himself into the conflict siding with Xanshi. Seeing this, the strangely pacifistic Arkkis constructed a Yellow battlesuit to confront and defeat the Xanshi Green Lantern.

Defeated, Reever and his ring, chose Arkkis Chummuck as the new Green Lantern of the sector. And because it apparently was the custom of both worlds to honor their fallen opponents by EATING their remains, the new Green Lantern of Sector 3014 Arkkis Chummuck had lunch.

To his credit, Lantern Arkkis Chummuck inserted himself as a non-violent pacifist between the two races bringing peace to the region.

Arkkis Chummuck's people valued honor above everything so his charge-up Lantern Oath was "For Honor, duty, freedom, right I wield the power of Lantern's Light; All good rejoice, all evil flee, for that power resides with me."

Lantern Arkkis Chummuck's last flew into battle against Maaldor the Darklord - An escaped felon who managed to capture the power of the Green Lantern Central Power Battery and several Guardians.

Faced with dwindling power levels, the last free Green Lanterns gave Arkkis Chummuck their remaining energy reserves and Arkkis made a suicide run against Maaldor that resulted in an explosion and the apparent disintegration of both Arkkis and Maaldor.

In the recent Green Lantern Darkest Night Series, Arkkis Chummuck was among the Lanterns who were resurrected as Black Lanterns.


Green Lantern Stel

Lantern Stel was actually trained by, then, Green Lantern Sinestro before Hal Jordan became a Green Lantern - so you can imagine just how old he is. Lantern Stel is the guardian for space sector 3009 from the planet Grenda, making him a borg-like robot that's happily not out to psychotically assimilate all organic life.

Lantern Stel was actually killed in a confrontation against the rogue Guardian Krona - who literally tore him to bits-and-pieces. Re-assembled, Stel's body was returned to the planet Grenda which was suddenly attacked by the Grenda's enemies from the planet Krydos.

Stel's replacement rose to defend the planet but ended up being attacked by another Grendan named Yron who said that he was the better choice as Stel's replacement - going so far as to accuse Stel of being a failure for being unable to stop the Krydos/Grenda conflict.

Yron forces the new Lantern to take him to Oa where the the Guardians agree to give him a power ring. However Lantern Yron's hubris leads to the death of many Grendans while acting in the defense of his home planet from the Krydos. Dying - so soon - after, Lantern Yron comes to realize that Stel was right all the time and with one major push of willpower, "recharges" Stel back to life. Stel claims Yron's power-ring and routs the attacking Krydos.

The people of Grenda declared the newly minted (Pun intended) Lantern Stel as a hero and proceed to stomp on Yron's grave who they declare as a failure and, ultimately, a coward, but Stel defends the fallen Lantern and pronounces Yron a hero.

Following the Green Lantern Darkest Night series, Lantern Stel replaces Lantern Kilowog as the Corp's Drill-Sergeant.

Probably as a fall-out of the failed Green Lantern movie (Or because they're 2nd tier characters) Green Lantern Stel and Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck's values on Amazon have fallen from US$ 23.99 ( Roughly PhP 1,055 plus shipping) to US$ 9.99 and US$ 11.95 respectively (Roughly PhP 440 and PhP 525, respectively).

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