Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DC Direct Wonder Woman Series 1 - Wonder Woman

Presenting Wonder Woman from Series 1 of the Wonder Woman toy line released by DC Direct.

There has been a plethora of Wonder Womans that have come and gone over the years, but I have to say that this is my favorite. It even tops the version made by DC Direct during the relaunch of the Justice League of America in 2006.

I've seen versions of her that make her look less like an Amazon and more like a pro-wrestler on steroids, and I've even seen a version of her (Wonder Woman Infinite Crisis series 2) that's so anatomically incorrect that she can't stand even with the leg-peg stand that comes with it. Nothing that gave her the sultry allure that belied her strength of body and character. Till this came along from the mind of Terry Dodson.

The only version I can't compare this particular Wonder Woman to would be her latest incarnation courtesy of the, again, relaunch of the Justice League of America series 2011 and perhaps the upcoming Justice League: Heroes & Foes Series 1 both of which features Diana in her controversial modern garb.

What's to like about DC Direct's Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman Series 1?

This particular version of Wonder Woman was released with the re-launch of the Wonder Woman Comic Book series following the last DC Crisis.

Well you can't go wrong with the sculpt as mentioned. Terry Dobson did her so much justice here. Wonder Woman doesn't come across as extremely powerful, her stature implies that she's more of an agile fighter than a powerhouse - which is what she's always been anyway, even as a fighter for women's right - just because she looks sexy doesn't mean that she's weak (Which many a villain has learned to their dismay).

Further, she comes across with a face that is quite exotic. It's not blatantly Caucasian - which Wonder Woman is not - She's supposed to be of Mediterranean stock. She kinda looks like Olivia Wilde (13 from House). And given the figure and the large eyes, you can see that Dodson may have allowed himself to be influenced by the Justice League Animated Series Wonder Woman in crafting her.

What's NOT to like about DC Direct's Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman Series 1?

Well she's a DC Direct figure. That should tell you plenty. What you see here is the extent of her articulation - and I'm being generous with that evaluation. 

In effect she's not really much of an action figure. This particular Wonder Woman is probably best left in a box or left posed and never touched again save for the occasional clean-ups. Also don't expect to be able to move that head despite there being a ball-joint in her neck. Wonder Woman's hair will prevent that. 

Wonder Woman's Magic lasso also does not unfurl, nor can you attach it to her hip. All she can do is hold it in her left hand. 

Still DC Direct's Wonder Woman - from the Wonder Woman Series 1 is unsurprisingly  quite a collectible and we can chock this up to her looks. She's still available on Amazon for a whopping US$58.99! (Roughly PhP 2,536 plus shipping). I do remember buying her at retail for between PhP 1,250 and PhP 1,500 (US$ 29 to US$ 34) not sure since it's been a while. If you find her at that rate, she's worth grabbing.


  1. You're lucky coz you got this version. I can't find any like this anymore unless you pay Php4K just for this mold on Ebay.

  2. Yeah she's quite rare. The market is filled with Donna Troys and that version of her as an agent. Wait till the ber months. Most toy sellers are still building their inventories now.

  3. Dodson just designed this by drawing WW in the way he always does (brilliantly.) But, it's the sculptor that deserves most of the credit here for interpreting Dodson's style well.


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