Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Custom Chromes from GIJoe Carlos

Presenting G.I. Joe Chrome Custom creations courtesy of GIJoe Carlos from sunny California . I have to say one of the nicest things about blogging is that you get to meet a whole new world of people and ideas.

I met - well I've never really met him - GIJoe Carlos in a Facebook group for G.I. Joe Collectors aptly named  G.I. Joe Collectors, look it up. And I have to say he is afine example of what you can experience if you socialize: you get a plethora of ideas that you may have never ever thought of; and you get to stand in awe at the effort that some people would go through to make their custom toys distinct and even more collectible.

Chroming something - electrolysis - is not an easy process. For lack of better words, I believe that these are no longer toys or collectibles, these are painstaking works of art.

And they're for sale!

More photos after the jump
Among the works of GIJoe Carlos are:

The G.I. Joe Conquest X-30:

The G.I. Joe XP-14 Skystriker

And the COBRA Snake Armor:

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