Friday, February 17, 2012

BBI Elite Force Nightstalker MH-6 Little Bird Helicopter

Presenting the Elite Force MH-6 Nightstalker Helicopter from Blue Box International (BBI).

I have to admit that I've been in love with the MH-6 Little Bird ever since I saw Delta Force troopers deploy from them in the movie "Black-Hawk Down." The MH-6 Little Bird's power lies in it's simplicity. It's a maneuverable, fast, light-weight vehicle that can wreak havoc on enemy troops and armor darting in and out of enemy fire, or - as in the case of this particular Elite Force Nightstalker - it can drop a four-man fire-team on a rooftop or even slide down between buildings and deliver troops down to street level in seconds before scooting out of harm's way.

The Elite Force Nightstalker MH-6 comes with a ton of accessories, namely:
  • Two folding benches - that can be removed should you want to mount the;
  • Four (2 on each side)TOW  (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire command data link, guided missile) Anti-tank missile launchers that the Elite Force Nightstalker shares with the AH-6 Little Bird;
  • An outside mounted rappelling bar for the Fireteam with ropes that frankly looks like someone's shoestrings; 
  • And well an Elite Force Pilot - though I've never liked them despite their detail because they're pretty flimsy. He comes with a removable helmet with it's night-vision scopes permanently stuck down - though he does have a movable microphone. 

Here's the shoestring rappelling lines and their mounting bars. The lines are simply hooked to the hook that keeps the line attached to the mounting bar. They constantly pop off unfortunately.

Next up are the mounting seats. Now would be a good time to point out all the scuff marks. That's just fine detailing. You could actually imagine Special Forces people mounting those seats, leaning back and scuffing the paint with their equipment harnesses or backpacks. There's no way a vehicle like this will have a pristine paint job given that you have four guys grabbing whatever they can outside just to hold on. Note the last photo by the way, you cannot mount the TOW launchers while 

And the bad-ass detailing continues inside and around  the Elite Force Nightstalker:

The Elite Force Nightstalker is, by the way, not to be confused with the Elite Force AH-6 Little Bird which is a variant made more for anti-armor/personnel purposes (What with the Little Bird's twin LAU-68D/A 7-tubes rocket pods). 

And the differences between the shape of the two are quite distinct from the side:

But the most fun that comes out of the Elite Force Nightstalker is the fact that you can fit G.I. Joes into them. So presenting: The G.I. Joe City Strike kick-ass team of General Hawk, Lowlight, Beachhead and Snake-Eyes (Hmmm, come to think of it, there's room for Timber) piloted into battle by two Steel Brigade Troopers (All my pilots: Wild Bill, Lift Ticket, etc... were in other vehicles, you can even make out Wild Bill inside the AH-6 Little Bird. Besides, the Steel Brigade Troopers are supposed to be culled from the elite of every branch of the military so I assume they have pilots):

You can almost hear them screaming "IRENE!!!!! F*#KING IRENE!!!"

What better way for the G.I. Joe City Strike team to deploy?

The Elite Force NightStalker MH-6 Little Bird Helicopter also comes with these, but I'm not really sure what the mounting point is or how to mount it.

As with most products from Blue Box International, the Elite Force Nightstalker MH-6 Little Bird Helicopter is hard to find. I lucked out finding one in Megamall for PhP 1,650 (Roughly US$ 37.50). It's unfortunately not available in Amazon. 


  1. What is "Megamall"? I want to find one of these!

  2. Hey Chris! Sorry, Megamall is one of the more popular large malls here in Manila, Philippines :)


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