Monday, February 13, 2012

Avengers Shield Helicarrier - Actual Photo

Slowly but surely, the web is starting to fill with news and images from the NY 2012 ToyCon but the biggest "Thing I will kill for" that I've seen come out of New York - both literally and figuratively - is this image courtesy of that showcases the toyline from the upcoming Avengers Movie.

Have you seen it yet?

Let's assume that the blonde guy is five feet tall, the Shield Helicarrier is more than half his body length, I'd put it between three and four feet long!

I want one.

I don't know where I'd store it, but I want one. Worse. I want TWO!!! One for my Marvel Universe characters - this Helicarrier reminds me of the Helicarrier that was in the opening scene of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game. The other one will be repainted and used by my G.I. Joes.

But where the hell would I keep two toys that went combined are as tall as I am?

Oh yeah, the Quinjet is there too.

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