Friday, January 27, 2012

Transformers Prime First Edition: Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)

Presenting Optimus Prime (Voyager Class) from the Transformers Prime Animated  First Edition Series.This is the big brother of the SDCC 2011 Exclusive "Matrix Prime" that we reviewed back in October. Only this time this one doesn't come with kick-ass packaging (A Matrix of Leadership that can be hung around your neck and a nice magnetic case) that we have here on the right.

Transformers Prime Voyager Class Optimus Prime debuted on the retail store shelves around December and I got him for Christmas along with Transformers Prime Bulkead. But since Transformers Prime: Optimus Prime is quite common and Bulkhead was rarer - and has those lovely baby-blue eyes -  I came out with him just now.

Transformers Prime Voyager Class Optimus Prime was purchased at the retail price of PhP 1,499.75 (Roughly US$ 34). Strangely he's available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 49.95 (Roughly PhP 2,200 plus shipping), which makes me wonder if he's rare in the U.S. If he is, give a shout out because it might be cheaper for you to get it all the way here from the Philippines where they fill toy-shelves throughout the Metro.

As with the Transformers Prime First Edition Bulkead, Optimus Prime's packaging does not say much about the leader of the Autobots.

Happily his wiki provides a very good background on this former desk-clerk: "In the waning years of the Golden Age of Cybertron, Orion Pax was a clerk in the Iacon Hall of Records. His interests lay with the tales of ancient Cybertron history, but the more he learned about the past, the more he grew concerned about the present. There was a disparity in freedom among the classes of his race, and the ruling class was corrupt and all-powerful. In seeking a solution to this inequity, he found inspiration in the words of a gladiator named Megatronus, and the two joined forces to end corruption and bring equality to the masses. Optimus and Megatron became close allies, almost like brothers. But soon Megatron's ideals would become corrupted, and the two would become bitter enemies."

So What's to Like about the Transformers Prime First Edition Optimus Prime?

Well to begin with, happily he no longer has the static-filled flat-screen television sets on his chest that plagued the Matrix Prime. The detail that this Voyager class version is definitely much better - righteously so, it is after all a Voyager class. I'm particularly fond of the detailing around his neck area and the way his smokestacks can be positioned so that they look like a pair of swords that can be drawn from his back - which would make for an interesting third party upgrade in the future.

First Edition Optimus Prime comes with two weapons: his ion cannon and a sword (Not the traditional battle-axe). Both of which result in wonderful poses thanks to the flexibility he shares with the Matrix Prime and most of the Transformers Prime series (Except Cliffjumper)

As with the Matrix Prime, First Edition Optimus Prime is a very 'solid' figure - which means he looks just as fine and solid from the back. Let's take the time to note how better balanced First Edition Optimus Prime's arm length proportions are versus the proportions of the Matrix Prime.

So What's NOT to Like about the Transformers Prime First Edition Optimus Prime?

Despite the wonderful flexibility and detailing, I think First Edition Optimus Prime sadly shares the same problem as the  Matrix Prime: They both transform into rather drab looking vehicles with absolutely no personality whatsoever.
Notice how from a 45 degree angle there doesn't seem to be much of a size difference between the First Edition Optimus Prime and the Matrix Prime

So do you want one or should you run off to the store to get one? If he's rare in the U.S. then go grab him. He's worth it. But if you're in the Philippines, my recommendation is - because of the sheer quantity available. wait for him to go on sale. But you definitely should get one. I sincerely hope Hasbro or some other third party group comes up with a trailer for him. 

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