Saturday, January 21, 2012

Marvel Universe: Thor (Wave 7 Lightning Variant)

Presenting the Lightning Variant of Marvel Universe's Thor, Odinson, God of Thunder, Founding Member of the Avengers, Goldilocks.

Thor is the 12th figure of Wave 7 of the Marvel Universe 3.75" line released in 2010. This particular variant is not well known and it's not even available on Amazon. So I was surprised when I ran into it in, of all places, the Budget Terminal of Changi Airport (Singapore).

At first I just thought it was just a regular Marvel Universe Thor and ignored it, but something bothered me about him and I kept coming back to him - thankfully the flight was delayed (Cebu Pacific - as usual). I'd seen the Marvel Universe Thor before and there was something different with this Thor in front of me. While sitting down it dawned upon me - he was brighter! I went back and was 100% sure that he was brighter. Further, I was also completely sure that the Marvel Universe Thor did not have a lightning-blue Mjolnir.

He was a variant. Into the bag he went.

In the Marvel Comic Book continuity, Thor is currently deceased - though his memory, his very being, has been usurped by Ulik (the Troll) using a glamour charm and assuming the name Tanarus. Meanwhile Thor is out there fighting the Demogorge (How do we put this? The God Eater) for a way back into the world. He'll be back soon as Thor is in all the promotional art for, what is already the MOST anticipated comic book event before the end of the world: A vs. X with one promotional artwork pitting him against Storm.

Marvel Universe Thor's blister card reads "When Thor returned from the darkness of Ragnarok he found a world far different fromt he one he'd left behind. He therefore resolved to concern himself more with Asgard and its people than with the problems of humanity. Even so, the closenes he felt with the mortals of Earth led him to bring his kingdom to the mortal realm so that his fellow gods might learn what it was like to live among them."

He also comes with a "Hammer File" as this particular Thor first appeared in the Marvel Comic book continuity after the Civil War (Where he layeth the Smackdown on Iron Man and left him powerless to walk home in a Storm) and before the Skrull invasion and the rise of Norman Osborn to power. The file - a letter from Dr. Lauren Dean to Tony Stark - reads "Mr. Stark, I hope you get this. No one knows where you are, so I'm putting this in the drop box you told me about. 
Your idea about tracking Thor's movements with weather satellites is bearing out pretty well. My team has tracked a series of small, fast-moving warm fronts all over the Midwest. They don't always follow prevailing winds, which indicates supernatural activity. the activity has decreased since the Asgardians all moved to Latveria, but not ceased entirely, which seems to indicate Thor didn't follow his people. 

We're working on a way to initiate contact on your behalf - I know Thor doesn't really want to talk to you, but you said you needed help. My team and I will keep on top of this as long as we can, but H.A.M.M.E.R. has started poking around my lab, so we may be shut down soon. Take care of yourself, Dr. Lauren Dean."

Norman Osborn attaches a Post-it that reads "Karla (Dr. Karla Sofen, Moonstone), Have Ares and the team ready to track Thor. I want to know his every move. I (An actual typo! Should be "In") the mean time, I'll be in Latveria attending meetings. Contact me only when necessary - Norman"

What's to like about Marvel Universe's Thor Lightning Variant?

The Marvel Universe Thor Lightning Variant is nothing more than a design improvement on an already awesome figure! The primary difference between the two figures is that, the Thor Lightning Variant has  a lighter colored cloak; and Mjolnir, the discs on his uniform and his eyes are  lit up as if resonating with energy. His armor is also of a lighter color and tinged with blue versus the black of the regular Marvel Universe Thor so basically The Marvel Universe Thor Lightning Variant has lightning coursing through his entire being.

Lighting Variant Thor's articulation is excellent and on par with the larger Marvel Legends despite the cloak and the tabard. He can actually kneel - unlike the recently reviewed X-23. Despite being a solid heavy figure, his ability to twist and hyper-extend is much appreciated as seen here as he goes from kneeling to flinging Mjolnir.

What's NOT to like about Marvel Universe's Thor Lightning Variant?

I really can't think of anything other than perhaps Marvel and Hasbro could have given him G.I. Joe level articulation in his hands - or perhaps replaceable hands so that he could grip his hammer with his left as well as his right hand. 

This Marvel Universe Thor Lighting Variant was purchased for SGD $ (Singapore Dollar) 18.60 or around PhP 630, or U.S.$ 14.31 - please note, as with most things bought at an Airport, they tend to be more expensive. But the Lightning Variant Thor in my opinion is worth it. 



  1. You lucky dog! I got the standard version sent to me by my friend as a gift last December who's based in the US.

    The regular version is toned down but this one was simply a Marvelous find!

  2. Hahaha! Thank Mark! You should also thank Cebu Pacific for being over two hours late.


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