Sunday, January 29, 2012

Marvel Universe: Gambit (Marvel Greatest Battles Comic Packs)

Presenting the Marvel Universe Gambit from the Marvel Greatest Battles Comic Pack. The Ragin-Cajun  is accompanied by... well I don't believe we can actually call him his arch-nemesis and none of their battles honestly are epic... so we'll just say he's accompanied by Mr. Sinister.

I won't bother reviewing Mr. Sinister because he's just a repainted version of the Marvel Universe Colossus. In fact if you wanted to you could probably repaint Mr. Sinister back into Colossus.

I have to admit that I'm not quite a fan of Gambit because all he's ever been to the X-Men - particularly to Rogue - is trouble. So you can imagine how elated I was when Rogue chose the man old enough to be her grandfather over the the guy who can't keep it in his pants. And what's up with his uniform! I remember asking myself that the first time I ever saw it: purple leather armor, leggings and knee-high boots with a weird looking wire collar. Honestly that red-scarf - that he started sporting I believe in X-treme X-Men - is the best thing Marvel ever did for him. That one simple touch, in my opinion, transformed him from weirdly dressed to 'roguish" - no pun intended.

Gambit and Mister Sinister's blister card reads: "Before he became a valued member of the X-Men, Remy LeBeau was one of the world's most gifted thieves. In order to control his developing kinetic powers, the young LeBeau turned to Mister Sinister. The Genetic mastermind helped him, but at a price. Gambit was forced to work off his debt by assembling a team of eveildoers known as the Marauders. One day he will fight for good. What damage will be done before that day comes?"

What's to like about the Marvel Universe Gambit?

Despite whatever misgivings I may have about Remy Etienne LeBeau AKA Gambit, I have to say this particular incarnation looks awesome! Waay better than his Marvel Legends incarnation. Okay I still take issue with the magenta chest plate, but let's just imagine that that's just another shade of red or brown. 

The biggest and best thing that Marvel Universe Gambit has going for himself is the detailing - his trench-coat, boots, facial expression - which is a half frown or half-smile depending upon which angle you look at him from - and his beady red energy filled eyes.  

Marvel Universe's Gambit is one of those action figures that you would absolutely love to have because he's such a pleasure to look at and display.

Unfortunately it's downhill from here.

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe Gambit?

What you see with Marvel Universe Gambit is what you get. Marvel did not bother to provide the Comic-Book 2-packs with stand for their characters - which kinda puts a damper on displaying him with the rest of your Marvel Universe Action-figures unless you dump the stands altogether. 

It would have been nice if Marvel Universe Gambit came with a stand and perhaps a set of playing cards to throw around. He doesn't. All he has is his bo-staff and Marvel Universe Gambit has difficulty holding on to it with EITHER hand. 

I was also going to give him a plus for articulation as he can actually kneel - unlike say X-23. And while Marvel Universe Gambit's articulation is quite good, he's lacking two very important joins that most other Marvel Universe characters have: Ankles and wrists. Yes, the X-Men's Master thief is... stiff.

To Marvel's credit though, he's still quite pose-able:

The Marvel Universe Gambit and Mr. Sinister was purchased at Toys R' Us the retail price of PhP899.75 (Around US$ 20.50) and is available on Amazon for US$ 30.99 (Roughly PHP 1,399.00 plus shipping). 


  1. He's lacking those joints because he was essentially a repaint/rerelease of the Wolverine Origins Gambit.

    1. Yeah. Sadly true. You'd think that they'd work to improve an already released toy.


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