Friday, January 6, 2012

G.I. Joe Renegades: Scarlett

Presenting Scarlett from the new G.I. Joe Renegades Animated Series. In the new cartoon, Scarlett is actually 2nd Lieutenant Shana M. O'Hara - finally no longer a Sergeant, but still not too high on the totem pole (Makes me wonder what G.I. Joe may have about women being in charge), and still works in Army Intelligence.

But I suppose that this is in keeping with the character that they were building for her. "Red" (To those who are in a hurry) was a desk-bound intelligence analyst. In fact to qualify for field duty she gets ninjitsu training from her "boyfriend" Snake-Eyes in a hope to prove herself to her superiors.

Renegades Scarlett is actually the principal character that starts off the entire animated series. Because of her firm belief that Cobra Industries killed her father - who worked for them - and because she wanted to prove herself as more than a desk-jockey, Scarlett gathers Duke, Snake-Eyes, Tunnel-Rat, Roadblock, Ripcord and Breaker to a spy mission on Cobra Industries where they discover Cobra's Bio-Vipers that they are forced to destroy. Unfortunately, Cobra Industries paints them as criminals which kicks off the entire "G.I. Joe Renegades" Storyline.

Renegades Scarlett's blister pack reads that she's from Atlanta Georgia and primarily uses Crossbow with a Plasma Pulse Pistol as backup.

It says " Scarlett is an undercover agent who believes that COBRA is not the nice organization that it appears to be. She is smart and computer-savvy, trained in martial arts and an ace shot with her high-tech crossbow. Her sleuthing into the truth about COBRA causes the events that leads to the group becoming Renegades."


First up would be her face sculpt. It's.... unique. In my opinion Scarlett has always been a bit elfin in appearance. As with her appearance in G.I. Joe Resolute, there has been a move to change Scarlett's appearance to something more.... rounder and real.

This particular Scarlett has a very Eurasian look - slanted eyes, with luscious lips. She has a very exotic model look that fits wonderfully with her lithe long "anime" body.

I normally do not like these "anime" designed characters, but in this case, it fits in perfectly. Scarlett would fit in nicely in a model catwalk.

Another nice improvement is the detail. Finally there's an explanation as to what's up with that weird non-miliary issue body-suit. This particular Scarlett is wearing a bullet-proof vest to protect her most ample bosom. So after all this time that tan thing on her chest is actually nothing more than a bullet-proof vest over a dark gray turtle-neck sweater.

But Renegades Scarlett's biggest advantage is her flexibility - which is a fine trait that this series seems to share as both Duke and Snake-Eyes have that trait. Making Renegades Scarlett stretch herself or kneel/squat for better balance is a breeze and does not look a bit awkward:

As you can see Renegades Scarlett can practically stare down the barrel of her crossbow. She can do the same with her Plasma Pistol - sadly she has no holster for the pistol:


Well, sadly I feel Renegades Scarlett borders on boring. Yes she's a fine figure, yes, she's flexible and all that - though she lacks the new wrist joints - but what's new? Could it be that I'm actually suffering from over-exposure to G.I. Joes and that Hasbro's tricks are wearing off? Quite possibly. There was a definite thrill when the modern versions of the G.I. Joes were released because... well they were modern. Unique and new. But these?

Unless Hasbro feels like totally committing to the toy line - which so far, it has not - but the year is young. For all we know they have an entire toy-line just waiting to pop out including perhaps we'll even see the Coyote!

This particular Renegades Scarlett was purchased through Victoyoyos on Ebay for PhP 700. She retails on Amazon for US$ 8.99 plus shipping.

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