Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DOTM Laserbeak combined with Optimus Prime and Shockwave.

Presenting what happens when you combine the Transformers Dark of the Moon (DOTM) Laserbeak with Optimus Prime and  Shockwave - yes apparently you can combine DOTM  Laserbeak  with some of the major DOTM Transformers - who knew? These are definitely not official link-ups though.

The idea first came to me after a series of great photo posted by Jon Jansen Campos over Facebook. Jon did the links then created some wonderful photos which he posted on his photo-blog jokerjester-campos on Deviant-Art. I was so inspired by the photographs that I decided I had to find out how the link-ups happened.

I was actually surprised at how easy the link-up was and wondered why I had not thought of it before. Basically DOTM  Laserbeak  has mech-tech pegs on his feet. We've even discussed and used these pegs in the past to help DOTM  Laserbeak  perch on the arms of  Shockwave  in our review of  Laserbeak .

In a nutshell the two pegs line-up nicely at the back of Optimus Prime (My Fireburst Variant) and at the back of DOTM Shockwave. Attach  Laserbeak , spread his wings and voila! A brand new kick-ass merger.

Attaching DOTM  Laserbeak  to the back of  Shockwave will prove a little more difficult and you'll have to wiggle around a lot because of the three "generators" he has back there and the rubber tubing to his main cannon. 

Now before we proceed any further, let's  talk about a deviation that I'm taking from Sir Jon Jansen Campos' design. His design involved inverting  Laserbeak and removing or folding the tail into the space at the back of Prime. Since the wings can rotate, it's definitely not a problem and as you can see in his photo, it looks great!

However because a)I did not want to totally shun the fine tattoo work on  Laserbeak  's"cockpit" in flyer mode, and; b) He has a more "Predaking" look with the wings up higher, I did not invert my placement of DOTM  Laserbeak . You will also have to remove his tail and have a far mode difficult time attaching him to  Shockwave if you don't reverse him. 

Either way, he looks great!

DOTM Fireburst Optimus Prime and Laserbeak:

DOTM Fireburst Shockwave and Laserbeak:

Now you're probably wondering why  Shockwave and not Megatron? Simple. Megatron only has a single peg on his back, He can't take  Laserbeak . If you thought  Shockwave looked like a bad-ass before, he looks even better now!

You really have to admire the "accidents" that happen when you set loose one's imagination upon the world. 

You can even throw in Dragstrip to make it a party:


  1. Looks INteresting :3 goes well with the OPtimus Prime :D maybe if u add the mechtech weapon from Laser Beak it'll be awesome xD

    1. @Khadir: Actually it does look better with Laserbeak's mechtech, except that I've never been a fan of that particular mechtech as when the two barrels combine I have to keep adjusting the front just to keep it aligned.

      If you attach them to Laserbeak's wings on the other hand, he becomes really top heavy and tends to topple over.

  2. I have done this before and its quite eye catching.. I also did it on DOTM Starscream/Thundercracker deluxe class.. Try it, it looks more awesome on those screamer..

    1. @Skyraven X. Thanks! Love your site. Nice clean photography :)


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