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DC Direct Brightest Day: Jade

Presenting Jade from DC Direct's Brightest Day series 3 AKA Jennifer-Lynn "Jennie" Hayden. To the uninitiated, Jade is the daughter of Allan Scott AKA the Golden Age Green Lantern and  Rose Canton - a woman whose split persona is the villain named Thorn - ex-Golden Age Flash villain (Yeah he likes bad girls). Jade's twin is the slightly insane Todd Rice, also known as Obsidian whose Shadow based powers are in contrast to Jade's light-based powers.

Ironically, both Jade and Obsidian gained awareness of their power while escaping from molestation while they were in their foster homes - their mom's Thorn persona had resurfaced and she stole them away from home but fearing that she could end up harming them, surrendered them to foster care.

Jade manifested the ability to create green light constructs akin to the power of her father and the members of the Green Lantern Corp - but not requiring her a ring to focus the energy or the need to recharge. We should note that the source of her power - as with that of her father's - is the Starheart (Which is magic based versus the Green Lantern Corp's science based rings).

Jade would go on to become the Earth's first female member of the Green Lantern Corp and was eventually killed in space during the events of DC's Infinite Crisis.

Jade died a hero in the arms of her father. But she would be back following the events of the Green Lantern's Darkest Night and subsequent Brightest Day. The reason for her return is explained in her blister card "Jade - Returned to life and charged to "balance the darkness" Jade searches for the meaning in this prophecy and in her new life. Almost instantaneously, she is forced to confront the darker side of the Star Heart's power, and the effect on her family. They key to her true destiny may lie within the shadows and darkness of her brother, Obsidian."

It's a long twisted tale after that that eventually leads to the death of Allan Scott. However, if the events of Kingdom Come are to be believed as the future of the DC Universe, then Allan Scott will be back along with an older - more matronly (I suppose she's had kids by now), more hippie version of Jade who, for some strange reason, decided to adopt Power Girl's uniform - not that we mind and we should note that it does follow a long tradition of Green Lantern related women who love to expose their bosom i.e. Star Sapphire and Arisia.

What's to like about the Brightest Day Jade Figure?

Well the Brightest Day Jade is a fine addition to any collection especially if you're trying to form the Justice Society of America, Justice League of America, Infinity Inc., the Brightest Day line or even the Outsiders.

Or if you like hot-green hued girls but are not into women with the physique of the She-Hulk. We should probably take the time to note that supposedly, DC's Jade skin is green because she inherited some of her mother's plant abilities. Supposedly - though never proven, her skin is green because of chlorophyll, and that she gains strength and sustenance via exposure to the sun.

While she may not be one of the "major" character of the DC universe, Jade is easily one of the second tier heroes that has a definite cult following.

You might also want her just so you can make Kyle Rayner do this:
Hey... look, you died so I hooked up with someone else. 

Yeah well, Donna Troy and I are hooking up you loser!
What's NOT to like about the Brightest Day Jade Figure?

Well as with almost all DC Direct figures, Brightest Day Jade has horrible articulation. Normally I don't mind because the sculpt of DC Direct is excellent and they always look great on a shelf. Just check out the Green Lanterns in my collection

Unfortunately, this brings us to my second problem with Brightest Day Jade: She looks strikingly familiar to Wonder Woman that I have often thought about whether or not this is a re-sculpt.

All you have to do is change her costume and you'll see what I mean. Look at that stern jaw and regal features which are not indicative of the almost carefree personality of Jennie-Lynn.

This disappointment is probably why Brightest Day Jade's price on Amazon - despite being somewhat of a chase figure - has dropped to a mere US$ 11.20 (Roughly PhP 400 plus shipping).

So unless you're a serious collector of DC or Green Lantern related toys and material, the Brightest Day Jade is not for you.

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