Friday, January 20, 2012

Cobra HISS Attack Scout versus the Howe & Howe Tech Ripsaw

I wasn't really planning on reviewing the Cobra HISS Attack Scout because it's a fairly common toy and I didn't get it up on for review fast enough, but - being a fan of the Discovery Channel, I really felt that I had to point out a real life version of the Cobra Hiss Attack Scout.

Howe & Howe Tech is a U.S. based military contractor that makes vehicles for the U.S. Army - and as an incidental client, Hollywood. And one of their vehicles they developed, the Ripsaw, bears more than a striking resemblance to the HISS Attack Scout.

Weighing in at a hefty 9,000 lbs, the  Ripsaw fulfills all the roles that the HISS attack Scout was meant to fulfill and more. Ripsaw is an easy to maintain, fast (60mph. 0-50mph in 5.5sec) fully weaponized (with a 2,000 lbs payload), agile (capable of climbing a 50 degree slope, head on), versatile (Can be armed with a 50 caliber machine gun or Javelin missile launchers) scout tank that can be either manned or un-manned.

And, save for the roll-cage, it looks almost exactly like the Cobra HISS Attack Scout.

So definitely Cobra - Hasbro - is onto something here. I wouldn't be surprised if in the immediate future we start seeing Cobra Attack Scouts AKA Ripsaws charging along under the Red, White and Blue banner with drivers shouting "Coooobraaaaa!!!!"

The other mad feats of engineering of Howe & Howe Tech can be viewed on their website: 

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