Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Avengers versus The X-Men (A vs X)

Marvel in April is launching the end of an era of peaceful relationships between the Marvel Universe's two premiere super-teams and is giving the world a smackdown that the world has been waiting for since the trial of Magneto in the late 80s.

As Cyclops becomes more and more isolationist the conflict between the two is inevitable and hopefully someone will kick his almighty ass.

At first I thought that this would end up being just Cyclops' X-Men versus the Avengers, but it's starting to look like Wolverine's teams are also going to be involved in the fight as well- which would mark the first reunion between the two X-Men groups since the schism so the interaction should be interesting.

The teaser ads are raising a lot of questions in the Marvel Community not just because of the potential one-on-ones brewing, but because some of these battling heroes are members of both teams - particularly Wolverine, Namor, the Beast and Storm - who just joined the Avengers.

But I am aiming to see these smack-downs. While Storm may be not as powerful as the Thunder God who's back from the dead - again - it's been a while since the two have fought and Storm is stronger than the first time they fought (And hell knows no fury like a woman scorned).

Other battles include: Round 2 for Captain America and Wolverine - with a cover in tribute of their original battle. It looks really cool, but then all you have to do is imagine what sound comes from Wolverine's claws scraping against Captain America's shield. Beast versus Luke Cage is a bit lopsided what with Cage having indestructible skin, but Beast has taken on the Juggernaut before so this should be interesting.

My bet's on a draw between Cap and Logan but my money is on the Beast.

Speaking of the Juggernaut, the newly minted Juggernaut takes on the Thing and hints at the conflict actually going global as the two square off in Piotr's mother Russia. While an Angel and Devil battle occurs between Archangel and Daredevil in New York - which is a nice hint that Angel recovers from his current amnesic state. 

My bet is on Colossus and Daredevil. 

Two seemingly lopsided battles appear with the Master of Magnetism squaring off against Iron Man - though if I remember correctly, Iron Man had already figured out in the past how to overcome Magneto's powers. And the White Queen taking on the Hulk - definitely not looking good for the White Queen.

If my understanding of Iron Man's technology is correct then he wins this one and.... well no way does the Hulk lose.

But my most biased battle prediction is with Hawkeye taking on Cyclops. I so hope Hawkeye takes Cyclops' eyes out.

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