Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arkham City Catwoman

Presenting Catwoman from the Batman: Arkham City video game. I came across the figure, loose while trawling through the "independent" toy sellers in St. Francis Square behind Megamall in Ortigas Complex, Philippines.

I have to admit that I was really confused when I saw this figure because a) The only Arkham City Catwoman Action Figure that I was aware of was not yet released and was scheduled for release only in April of this year courtesy of DC Direct, and; b) This figure - while it bore a semblance to it - did not look like it as can be seen here on the right.

So what was this? It wasn't a knock-off nor a custom build and it wasn't the DC New 52 Catwoman - though that was what I initially thought it was till I noticed the belt buckles and shoulder diamond chevrons which said that this was an Arkham City Catwoman - I was too distracted by the more than ample bosom to make that connection instantly.

I almost gave up, then I found her. This is the Catwoman from the Batman Legacy Action Figure series of Mattel that was first seen in the 2011 New York Comic Con that's rumored to be released as part of a two pack along with the Arkham City Batman. Thank God for ActionFigurepics.com 

Here's the thing though, this particular box-set is just entering the market and here I had her loose. You just gotta love that black-market sometimes.

Here's the kicker though, check out these photos taken from ActionFigurepics.com 

Note the difference in the texture of the costume. The 2011 NYCC Arkham City Catwoman does not have the full detailing that that the actual product has. The actual Arkham City Catwoman keeps in mind the textured detail that went into Catwoman in the video game. 

What's to like about Arkham City Catwoman?

Except for a few details - particularly her skin color - the Catwoman in the Batman Arkham City video game is... "tanner" than the action figure which is more in line with the DC New 52 Catwoman who has bone white skin (Hmmmm.... akin to Batwoman) - the Arkham City Catwoman's detail is excellent!

Her costume has the look and texture of a leather suit. Every small detail that Catwoman had - though I think her cupsize is a bit smaller - that went into her in the video-game is here - the textured gloves, the aforementioned silver belt-buckles and diamond chevrons and even the pleating along her hips and her headpiece.

I got the figure loose and unfortunately it did not include her whip which I believe would have completed the look.

But best of all: The Batman Arkham City Catwoman's cleavage is popping out all over! Call it juvenile! I know that I can't lift the sides of her costume and strip her naked, but it's still soooo much fun to look at. SHE IS SEXY!!!!!

Unfortunately that's about it.

What's NOT to like about Arkham City Catwoman?

I have two major complaints about Arkham City Catwoman.

First: The articulation is horrible! At first when I grabbed it off the shelf and took a cursory glance at the articulation, I thought that Arkham City Catwoman was as articulated as regular DC Universe Figures - which are made by Mattel.

So I was so surprised and disappointed when I got home to find out that most of her joints did not exist. She can barely move her neck - other than to turn it around. She can't kneel, can't sit, can't even bring her thigh up past 15 degrees. Unlike most DC Universe Figures, she also only has one knee joint, not two.

The only redeeming value that I could get from her waist and general ability to stand despite wearing heels.

So no, this Catwoman cannot crouch, prowl or do any catlike action whatsoever.

The second problem is her head-gear. I was disappointed that her goggles don't come off. If they could do it with the "Hush" Catwoman, why can't they do it with her?

Mattel and DC really did the Arkham City Catwoman an injustice. Happily I purchased her loose for only PhP 400 (Roughly US$ 9) She's not available yet on Amazon.


  1. Wow. I want that pussy. Unfortunately no money. :(

  2. I bought the two catwomans. The catwoman legacy and the variant. They are very beautiful, my collection of catwomans is ever more perfect! : D

    1. Hey Dener, the grey one? I have that too somewhere:) Yes, they are simply beautiful. Too bad though about the articulation. I was sooo looking forward to posing her.


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