Saturday, December 17, 2011

Toy News: Unexpected Toy Score at SM Hypermart, Tiendesitas

I scored big tonight without having to crash into the Christmas meatgrinder in the major malls in Metro Manila.

I park in Tiendesitas - which is next to a major thoroughfare that leads to the major malls in Manila. It's close enough that I can crash into the Christmas rush but far enough that I don't have to really worry about the rush traffic.

And it has it's own mall - small, but still a mall - SM Hypermart (think of it as a community grocery for the rich) and within that mall is a small toy sale far removed from the major Toycon that's on-going just down the road.

It's there that I scored a Transformers Dark of the Moon Autobot Ark for PhP 700 (US$ 16 - US$ 24.89 on Amazon plus shipping); a DOTM Optimus Prime Weapons Platform for PhP 600 (US$ 14 - US$ 34.98 on Amazon plus shipping) and a DOTM Reverb for PhP 300 (US$ 7 - US$ 23.98 on Amazon plus shipping) for a total of PhP 1,600 (US$ 37 - US$ 83.85 on Amazon plus shipping). Not bad for a walk-by and I didn't have to squeeze through an angry mob to get them.

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