Friday, December 23, 2011

STAR WARS: Rahm Kota (The Force Unleashed)

Presenting from the STAR WARS Force Unleashed video games and literature, Jedi Master Rahm Kota.

You may better remember Rahm Kota as the blind, half-drunk Jedi Master who fights by the side of Galen Marek, and much later, his clone Starkiller - which is ironic considering it was Galen who blinded him and sent him into a drinking binge. This incarnation of Rebel General Rahm Kota is seen in the STAR WARS Force Unleashed video game (The 1st one) as Galen Marek's first boss battle aboard the a crashing TIE Fighter Production facility above Nar Shadaa. After that he wanders around with bandages over his eyes; a tattered version of the Mandalorian Armor that he wears here; loses his topknot in favor of the wavy hair look; but can still fight effectively with his lightsaber - Hey if Luke can do it, so can he. The playable character if I remember correctly, is this version and not the blinded version.

Rahm Kota was actually trained by Master Yoda and survived Order 66 only because he didn't like to use clones during the Clone War, and actually organized his own militia.

Rahm Kota is also known as the "Samurai" Jedi having been built along the lines of  the roguish mentor image of QuiGon Jinn - though I think "Ronin" or "Masterless Samurai" is a more appropriate description for both QuiGon and Rahm as they did/do have their issues with the Jedi Leadership - strangely enough, Rahm was trained by Master Yoda. Qui-Gon was trained by Count Dooku who was also trained by Master Yoda. There seems to be a spring of rebellious spirit springing from that little guy.

Onto the bad news: I do not remember how or where I purchased Rahm Kota. I do know that he was a part of the Star Wars 30th Anniversary collection. His blister card - which I no longer have - read "Rahm Kota's lack of faith in the clone troopers during the Clone Wars allowed this Jedi general to escape Order 66. After many years in exile, he launches a dangerous plan that leads to an unexpected encounter with Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice." I am certain though that I did not pay US$ 39.99 for him (Amazon price without shipping - Roughly PhP 1,750 plus shipping)

What's to like about Jedi Master Rahm Kota?

Most people will definitely like this figure because of the video game. While he was not the "major" character and there really isn't any point in playing the game in Rahm Kota's skin, it is refreshing to see another "Gray Jedi" or a Jedi who doesn't strictly believe in a pure light or dark side and is willing to muddle the line to get the job done. 

His cynical banter is harsh, but rings true and you have to admire someone who a) Forgives, follows and ends up advising the person who took your eyesight, and; b) Is able to truly push the point that one's eyes are deceptive - "Feel the Force" indeed. More often than not. Rahm Kota does not act disabled - hell he can even pour his own drinks despite being really drunk - and blind. 

Also, for a Jedi, his design is unique:
a) He still wears armor. Like most of the Generals during the clone war, Rahm Kota was assigned At first it reminded me of the chestplates worn by Imperial ground officers. I'm pretty sure this is not modified clone trooper armor - not just because of the color, but the over-all bulk of the armor. I'm of the opinion that it's Mandalorian. The armor can actually be removed - but the shoulder pauldrons cannot and there is a lot of twisting involved to remove the bandoleer, so don't bother. 

b) The demi-cloak - I'm not really sure why anyone would want two trips of cloth hanging down his backside, but hey! To each his own. I guess it's a fashion statement. 

c) The bandoleer carries a lightsaber. Unlike most Jedi who gallivant with a lightsaber clipped to their belts, Rahm Kota's blade is stored in a sheath at his back - while some say that this lends more to his "Japanese" theme, when was the last time you saw a Samurai with a sword on his back? Swords on the back are for ninjas. Anyway. It's still pretty unique and other than Darth Krayt, I can think of no other Jedi who would travel with his lightsaber stored in such a fashion. Rahm comes with two lightsabers with different hilt designs. I'm sure that the unlit one is his. I'm not sure where he got the green bladed one. 

Articulation is also pretty decent, though you will find those shoulder pauldrons a hindrance and his leg articulation is standard STAR WARS - which means don't expect much from his hip area. 

What's NOT to like about Jedi Master Rahm Kota?

Other than Hasbro's poor hip articulation (And the fact that Rahm Kota comes with a G.I. Joe Battle Grip instead of a turning joint at the wrist), I do have a problem with Rahm Kota's armor. It makes him look... well rotund - top heavy. But I suppose that's what happens when you wear thick heavy armor. He looks shorter than he actually is thanks to that armor as you can see in this photo.  Just look at how wide he is thanks to those shoulders.

But the biggest beef that I have with this figure is that this is Jedi Master Rahm Kota as a Rebel General. I want him to look how I best remember - blind, in need of a bath, drunk and armed with a lightsaber. And I sincerely hope that Hasbro will release another Rahm Kota looking like this.

All in all, not a bad figure to have in one's collection especially if you're a big fan of the The STAR WARS Force Unleashed video games.


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  2. I think Amazon would be your best bet where he's worth US$ 39.99. I honestly do not remember ever seeing him anywhere else so to a certain extent, he's rare.

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