Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Wars: Jes Gistang the Female Stormtrooper

Presenting Jes Gistang, the only NAMED Female Stormtrooper in the entire Star Wars saga. There was actually another female Stormtrooper who appeared in issue #0 of Star Wars: Legacy but she was unnamed. Prior to Star Wars Legacy, there is no mention of women serving as Stormtroopers in the Empire. Agents, yes; pilots, yes; techs, yes; Hands of the Emperor, yes; but no Stormtroopers.  

But then what do you expect from an organization built on the premise of the generic superiority of "humans" over "aliens?" Gender Equality definitely has to fly out of the door.

Anyway, better late than never. Jes Gistang was a member of Joker Squad: Company C, 9th Battalion of the 407th Stormtrooper Division under, first, the Fel Empire, then later under Darth Krayt's One Sith Empire.

I'm not really sure why they were called "Jokers" but they do get killed a lot. Sadly that includes Jes Gistang dying while assaulting the 908th Stormtrooper Division's fortress on Borosk. The 908th consisted of Stormtroopers who remained loyal to Emperor Fel, so naturally they had to be wiped out. Jes Gistang met her end in the heavy fighting when a stray blaster bolt hit one of her exposed Powek Paks and she blew up. Which is sad because Jes Gistang didn't want to be in the battle and tried to convince the rest of the Jokers to defect or leave the battlefield.

Jes Gistang was included in the SDCC 2008 unveiled "Joker Squad" six-pack. I unfortunately do not have the rest of Joker Squad, just her. But I do know that Jes Gistang was supposed to be the heavy weapons specialist of the group - unfortunately I do not have her heavy weapon, and if you google her, you'll find that the heavy weapon in the six-pack is not next to her, it's in between Jokers Sgt. "Hardcase" Harkas and the "noob" Anson Trask.

The six-pack blister card reads: "The legacy of the Empire is here! In the far-distant future of the Star Wars universe, the Empire is reborn, the Sith have returned, and they're working together to conquer the galaxy! This specially packaged, limited edition set of six 3 3/4-inch action figures features 5 unique Stormtroopers and a Sith Lord to command them. The Stormtroopers of the 407th division-- Anson Trask, Sergeant Harkas, Jes Gistang, Hondo Karr, and Vax Potorr-- are sent to take down one of their own. The 908th division is going to defect to former Emperor Fel's side against the current Sith regime. The 407th is ordered to stop the defection, and Sith Lord Maleval joins them to ensure that they finish the job. Trask's 1st mission as a Stormtrooper challenges his ideals as well as his courage... and has dire consequences for the rest of Joker Squad, as well."

What's to like about Stormtrooper Jes Gistang?

Well if you like hard-ass chicks and have long been fantasizing about being in the Rebel Alliance so that you can be captured by a hot babe in white armor, then she's for you. 

On the plus side: Jes Gistang's face and body sculpt is original - a Stormtrooper armor that takes into account "boobs." However don't expect much in terms of "figure". Jes Gistang isn't eye candy, she's a front line heavy-weapons operator, not a beauty queen - as is reflected  in her slick back brown hair. 

Articulation is pretty moderate and atypical of Star Wars characters, so don't expect much. 

What's to NOT to like about Storm trooper Jes Gistang?

When she has her helmet on, you can't help but notice how big her head is. Literally the cliche "Too short for a Stormtrooper" kicks in. If you were to armor her up and put her in a legion of Stormtroopers, that head size will make her stand out and you'll easily be able to find her.

Also, well this is a 2008 figure so I won't complain as much, but it really would be great if Hasbro starter working on the articulation of the figures so that they match the modern G.I. Joes.

Jes Gistang is available on Amazon along with her co-Joker Squad members for US$ 68.99 (Roughly PhP 3,000 plus shipping)  - not bad for five storm-troopers and a squid headed Sith Lord that popped out of the 2008 SDCC. 

I bought her because she makes an interesting conversation piece.

Definitely too short for a Stormtrooper!

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