Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Acute Action Figure Addiction Disorder (AAFAD)

Presenting a semi-serious discussion on Acute Action Figure Addiction Disorder. I have to admit to laughing at this first because... well it is funny.

But the more I watched it, the more I realized just how real it was and that it wasn't funny at all because most of what they were saying, reacting, or doing, was what I was saying, reacting or doing.
  • Yes, I do debate whether I should open a package or leave it inside.
  • Yes, I do think that variants are NOT the same as the original even if it's just a paint difference and I would kill for variants.
  • Yes, I need a daily fix
  • Yes I trawl shops looking for "the good stuff"
  • Yes, I do believe my wife takes it a day at a time. God bless her. 
  • Yes, I do get traumatized when someone so much as touches my toys - and I do know if they've been moved. 
  • And, yes, I cannot take the destruction or loss of toys.
  • But no, I do not blame my parents for getting me started in toy collecting. 
My AAFAD is soooo bad, that during the last Toycon here in Manila, I actually lost a small pipe that formed one of the handles of Optimus Prime's Perfect Effects TAW Sword (the small one TAW-01) or served as a shoulder mounted cannon when he just used it as a blade. A month went by that I could not sit still when I was in the living room, because I'd look up to where Prime and the TAW Sword were on display, and I would know that something was missing. Not many people going through the collection would know that something was missing, but i did. And it bothered me. 

I ended up ordering another TAW Sword from the U.S. via TFSource.com and suffered through another month waiting for the package to arrive.  When it finally did, all I took was that small pipe. The rest of the content, shields, sword, et.al, now sits in its box in storage. It cost me close to PhP 3,000 including shipping (US$ 68.95). 

But I can now sleep at night. 

Anybody want to buy a used TAW-01 with a missing cannon?

So if you also suffer from AAFAD, know that you do not suffer alone. 

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