Sunday, November 13, 2011

Targetroids Optiaim & Megashoton (Transformers)

Presenting the Targetroids Optiaim and Megashoton, 3rd party mini-versions of the Transformers' Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Optiaim and Megashoton - TFC-EX-004 are from  TFCtoys, the same people who brought you Battle Rollar TFC-EX 002 and the Gears of War Packs. They are also the people behind the new Constructicons.

In what was probably an attempt to avoid even more copyright issues than they already have violated, TFCtoys called them Targetroids - which are not to be confused with Targetmasters - Targetmasters are pair-bonded Transformers (one usually larger than the other) where one of the pair transforms into a weapon. This is not to be confused with Transformers who just transform into a weapon like Megatron does.

To further confuse Copyright lawyers, TFC- EX-004's Optiaim - whose appearance and likeness to Optimus Prime is purely coincidence - transforms into a cannon, not a truck,  which can be hand held or mounted. Megashoton - whose appearance and likeness to a certain Megatron is also purely coincidental - transforms into an elongated sniper rifle, not a luger or pistol, that can also be hand-held or mounted.

These two Targetroids come together as a set and there is another set out in the market that involves Rodimus Prime (Called Hot Flame) and Starscream (Called Screamer).

The Targetroids as mentioned come in sets of two and they come neatly displayed in their transformed forms. The packaging does not say much about the products or about the manufacturers other than a lead to the company's really bad website. There's not much inside either save for the instructions, Optiaim's extra weapon and a mount that we'll talk about later.

What's to like about the Targetroids?

The design! Let's start with Optimus Prime er.... Optiaim! He's sharp! I daresay he's downright handsome! Optiaim's so sexy and he knows it! Granted that Optiaim has a big-blue TV screen on his chest that says "Shoot here" and deviates from Optimus Prime's traditional chest-plate, it's still a very sharp design.

We're not talking about cheap plastic when it comes to the Targetroids, there's a solid heft to these figures and I'd say that they are heavier than the Transformers Reveal the Shield: Legends class Optimus Prime and Megatron who they share a similar size to (The Targetroids are slightly taller).

Optiaim comes comes with Optimus Prime's traditional rifle. Optiaim is quite flexible though like most Transformers, this particular Targetroid cannot twist his torso.

Megashoton is just as sharp and is a fine tribute to the original Megatron design from which it is patterned. I'm personally not sure whether it is a good thing that TFCToys did not bother to try to upgrade the image of Megashoton so that it looks more.... modern... like what TFCToys did with Optiaim.

Megashoton's figure can do one thing that Optiaim can't do though which is look down. Note the rear of Megashoton which is not as solid as that of Optiaim because it houses the barrels and grip of Megashoton' cannon mode.

As with Optiaim, Megashoton's articulation is excellent and as with Optiaim, he cannot twist his torso. 

What's not to like about the Targetroids?

While not all that bad and some people may actually end up liking the cannon mode, my personal opinion is that the biggest problem of the Targetroids IS their cannon modes. Here's what they look like:

Optiaim transforms into a bulky looking... my guess is... ion cannon - which is what Optimus Prime would use, or, at the very least, a Particle Projectile Cannon. At first glance it looks good, and it is good! It's solid, simple and makes sense.

But if you look at the other picture you'll notice the mis-alignment of the barrel because of a lack of a proper locking mechanism between the legs.

But Optiaim is not as bad as Megashoton. Megashoton is.... I don't know... a poorly constructed sniper rifle that's chock full of holes and rarely comes out as straight.

He looks like he was cobbled from spare parts and has a chance of exploding when fired - and I suppose, if he's based upon Megatron, then Megashoton is a fusion cannon - with a sniper scope. 

Mounting the Targetroids is even harder. I'm not personally sure anymore who they were meant for. But looking back, given Battle Rollar TFC-EX 002  then perhaps they were meant for the Masterpiece Primes. But here they are being wielded by the Classics Optimus Prime. 

Now if you can't live with the Targetroids being hand-held, you can also mount them with that little mount that comes with the pair.

Unfortunately, for the Classics Optimus Prime, Optiaim does not lock into place, it constantly swings around. Also, because of Prime's head, it's slightly cantered to the right, not to the center. As for the Cybertron Optimus Prime, well it just looks really weird where it is except at certain angles.

The Targetroids are available on - don't even bother visiting TFCtoys - the website is incomplete and hardly helpful. if you want this, is better (And they're reliable).  The Targetroids on will set you back around US$ 35.95 (Roughly PhP 1,500 plus shipping). My pair was purchased in the Philippine Black Market in Greenhills for PhP 2,000. If you want TFC EX-004 because you think they'll make good accessories, then you're wasting your time. If you want the Targetroids because they make great looking toys, then you've got to get them, especially Optiaim. 

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