Saturday, October 22, 2011

Transformers Reveal the Shield: Mindset

Presenting the Autobot Mindset from the Transformers Reveal the Shield series. I don't actually know much about the Autobot Mindset. I'm quite sure that he wasn't in the movie and I definitely haven't seen him in any of the cartoons. 

In fact if you bother googling him, you'll most probably end up on looking at the Decepticon Mindset - who was fathered by Onslaught (One of the Combaticons that form Bruticus) through budding (Think of it as a pimple that explodes from your chest and gains sentience) and goes on to be killed by "The Swarm" (Which was nothing more than a killer pimple gone mad) which will also lead you to the Autobot Mindset, but there's not much there. 

Personally, I think the Decepticon Mindset - which also transforms into a Multiple Lauch Rocket System (MLRS) is a lot more intriguing as a character and at least has some link in Transformer lore. To make things worse, the AUTOBOT Mindset, is a re-deco of the Decepticon Hailstorm, who is a character based upon the mini-con Hailstorm who transforms into a missile launcher. Why Hasbro just didn't create Mindset as a Decepticon is a mystery. 

Anyway, I bought the Autobot Mindset because I have a soft spot for MLRS launchers. I've always thought that multiple-rocket launchers were cool ever since the Russians started using the Katyushas - Stalin's Organ (No dirty minds please). The MLRS is a beautiful step up. 

And he was on sale. 

Autobot Mindset's blister card reads "Change does not sit easily with Mindset. He likes things the way they are, and it is the weight of tradition that drives his opposition to the Decepticons. They upset the balance of things, an offense for which he can never forgive them. The only alteration with which Mindset is comfortable at all is that wrought on the landscape by one of his missile barrages."

What's to like about the Autobot Mindset?

As I said I'm quite partial to Multiple Launch Rocket Sytems (MLRS) and Autobot Mindset delivers a compack MLRS that even allows for the launcher to rotate. 

And the missiles do launch - sadly though, while they are spring loaded, you have to push them out from the back to launch. It would have been great if they had their own trigger mechanism.

I'm also particularly fond of just how brawny Autobot Mindset looks. He's solid and built like this menancing Football offensive center that looks ready to barrel and gorilla his way through the Decepticon lines. Autobot Mindset may look like he begins fighting long-range, but I have a feeling that once he runs out of ammunition, prepare for the juggernaut.

Happily Autobot Mindset's leg articulation supports this and Hasbro saw it fit not to give him any other weapons other than those devilish looking claws and serrated shoulder pauldrons made from his tracks. 

Autobot Mindset's head is supposed to be flushed against his shoulders - no neck - which makes him even more squat and gorilla-like, but I prefer him with a little neck.

What's not to like about the Autobot Mindset?

Well if you're not into squat characters who look like they can double  for Quasimodo, then Autobot Mindset is not for you. Also when you transform him, Autobot Mindset's parts don't lock together - particularly the engine housing next to the cab. It makes transforming him a tad bit tedious and difficult. But perhaps the biggest let-down for me is the inability of the tracks to turn. While they do look wonderful as shoulder pauldrons, it would also have been great if they moved.

Autobot Mindset was purchased on sale for the price of PhP 299.95 (Roughly US$  6.97). He's available on Amazon for as low as US$ 7.69 plus shipping.

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