Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon: Arcee

Presenting the Autobot Arcee (Target Exclusive Cyber-Tattoo version) as she appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - though Arcee is credited as part of the Transformers Dark of the Moon line (A movie she did not appear in)

There's a lot of continuity issues when it comes to DOTM Arcee - or the movie line Arcee - thanks in part to the fact that she was written out of the 1st Transformers movie and IDW (Idea + Design Works) Comics ran a comic book like in between the movies which involved Arcee (Whom a lot of people assumed to have perished in Revenge of the Fallen), and the novelization of the movie.

Then of course there are her sisters Elita 1 and Chromia. If you buy the individual toys, you'll note the different personalities at the back of their blister cards - I know I have a Chromia here somewhere (Hmmmm. Must be in storage). But if you follow the novelization of the movie - and even IDW's comic books, then you'll note that Arcee's two sisters died and they were animated only by a crazy Decepticon (Flatline) who wanted to create a new breed of what we call a "tripartite Cybertronian" - or Transformers that can operate separately but more or less have the same personality or combine - much like that camera guy Reflector. As a result the movie versions of Elita 1 and Chromia are supposedly nothing more than extensions of DOTM Arcee.

I'm particularly fond of this Target-Exclusive release of Arcee not because of her Cybertronian Tattoos - which are barely visible anyway, so why bother - but because of her unique transformation. For the life of me I know I've seen this transformation before but I cannot remember where. I even find the over-the shoulder left-antenna and the back-pack that looks like it doubles as a missile launcher oddly familiar. But I really can't place where I've seen it,.

DOTM Arcee's blister card reads "Arcee isn't superstitious, but she's willing to give anything that might grant her an edge in battle a try. The ancient tradition of inscribing her home world's language on her armor gives her a boost in confidence, if not power, and makes her Decepticon enemies think twice before engaging her directly."

DOTM Arcee's blister card also reads her skill level at 9 which makes her a very good-hand-to-hand combatant - hence the blade, but low on endurance - a mere 5 (Well Motorcycles have smaller gas tanks).

What's to like about DOTM Arcee?

As mentioned, I love DOTM Arcee's transformation. It's very utilitarian, bordering on spartan. It screams :"I am a hunter-killer PERIOD!" You can actually imagine - or watch Transformers Rise of the Fallen - DOTM Arcee and her sisters streaking down a highway on their uni-cycle modes, leaping and slashing as they go, transforming back to bikes when they need that burst of speed to strike or flee. Indeed her unique transformation makes DOTM Arcee and her sisters a must have to collect.

You have to love just how poseable DOTM Arcee is. It's a shame that she needs a stand to stay upright. I'd love to see an upgrade for this that maybe gives her a bigger, longer, more wicked looking blade though rather than this blade that only partially retracts into it's housing (It's spring loaded). 

DOTM Arcee transforms into a Ducati 848 with a sidecar (Stand), however in the IDW Prequel to Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Arcee transforms into a Buell Firebolt XB12R - and has two legs and an automorphing crossbow (I have this in storage somewhere, have to dig it up). Transforming DOTM Arcee can be quite a challenge (Intermediate level - yeah right), but once you get her transformed, her form is smooth and slick as can be seen. 

What's  not to like about DOTM Arcee?

Well there are a few problems with DOTM Arcee. 
  • First off would be her tattoos. This is a Target-Exclusive that hypes her Cybertronian Tattoos. Honestly it looks like someone walked up to her and sprayed random graffiti on her and you can hardly see the tattoos when she's transformed. She just doesn't have enough exterior "Armor skin" for them to be seen. 
  • DOTM Arcee's left hand is sandwiched between two armor plates and is borderline useless.
  • The artwork. Take a gander at this kisser on the front of the package. That is one weird Autobot. It makes me sympathize with those who are wondering why giant-space robots bother to have genders. Happily, they did not bother giving DOTM Arcee lipstick. 
  • And lastly, most of her joints - ball joints - tend to like to pop out.

Still it's DOTM Arcee is a lovely Transformer to have and you have to have her and her sisters. It's a wild and deadly trio of killers that demands a niche in one's collection. This particular DOTM Arcee was purchased at the last Toy Kingdom sale at Megamall at the retail price of PhP 999.00 less ten percent (Roughly US$ 23) and is available on Amazon for US$ 19.10 plus shipping. 

DOTM Arcee also looks great with G.I. Joe figures - though Scarlett has difficulty reaching the handles due to her..... chest. 

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