Sunday, October 2, 2011

Toy News: Takara Optimus Striker DA28

Takara will soon be releasing the Optimus Striker DA28! Good things do come from Takara. First was that movie accurate Jetwing Optimus Prime which is miles, miles MILES better than Hasbro's Ultimate Optimus Prime; and now comes the Optimus Striker DA28.

If you watched Transformers Dark of the moon then you'll recall that when Optimus Prime first fought Shockwave (Well he actually fought him first in the DOTM video game which was a prequel of the movie but now everyone knows that), then you'll recall that Optimus Prime's trailer transformed into a weapon's storage ring. Optmus Prime drew a shield from that ring and Takara is finally giving it to us.

And so much joy can come from such simple attachments: A snap-on shield and two mechtech powered rifle attachment accessories for the Optimus Striker DA28.
All of which can be stored on Optimus Striker DA28 or stored behind Prime. 

Unfortunately I don't read Japanese and can't figure out when exactly this will be released but you can check out the Optimus Striker DA28 HERE.

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