Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark Lord Dungeon: INVADED BY ANTS

The Dark Lord's Dungeon was recently invaded by ants. I'm quite particular about what chemicals or sprays I use on my toys. Last night, I noticed a small trail of ants winding it's way through the Dungeon's shelves, past the Fair Lady Tower's Snowglobes and on to the dinner table.

So I started spraying a very powerful - but happily material friendly - organic - yes organic - insect killer along the line. When I reached this particular point, where Renegades Duke and Renegades Snake Eyes were displayed (not shown, they're being washed), I received the shock of my life when ants bearing tiny little ant-eggs started blossoming - literally billowing - out from under both Duke and Snake Eyes. Apparently the ants figured out that the hollow bottom of the stands of both G.I. Joes made for great homes.

Moral of the story: Not really sure.


  1. Maybe they thought the Joe's would make good bodyguards.

  2. Hahaha! That's true. They could have set up under Cobra Commander


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