Tuesday, September 6, 2011

STAR WARS Legacy of the Force: Darth Krayt / A'Sharad Hett (Part 2)

Presenting Part 2 of our Darth Krayt/Asharad Hett review. This time we will be focusing on the founder of the One Sith Empire - and one of the more expensive STAR WARS 2-pack characters in the market today, Darth Krayt - who retails with Imperial Knight Sigel Dare for as high as US$ 79.95 and is currently available for US$ 55.95 on Amazon (PhP 2,579 plus shipping).

You know? I don't remember how the 2-pack came into my possession though I am 100% sure that I did not pay that much for the pack. If I'm right, I lucked out on the duo and bought Darth Krayt and Sigel Dare at retail price.

Before we begin in earnest, we have to point out that there is some debate as to whether or not Darth Krayt's armor is Vonduun Skerr Kyrric or Vonduun Crab - the biological armor used by the Yuuzhan Vong in the Star Wars universe. It is a definite sure that Darth Krayt is afflicted with Coral Seeds (Yorik-Kul) - biological implants that allow Yuuzhan Vong slaves to  receive mental commands but lose their sentience in the process - and this is seen on Darth Krayt's arms, but his armor?

Personally I think that it is Vonduun Crab because when Darth Krayt activated the Sith Holocron of Darth Andeddu in an attempt to find a solution to his Coral Seed problem, Darth Andeddu forced Darth Krayt's armor to grow to the point that Darth Krayt resembled a Krayt Dragon.

We opened talking about the armor and Darth Krayt's Coral Seed problem because basically he was losing it and dying. He needed Cade Skywalker and his purported ability to turn back death to keep him alive. So he scours the universe looking for Cade. When he finally gets him, he gives him up to the very very hot Darth Talon but ends up stabbing her and killing Darth Krayt while siding with the Imperial Knights in restoring democracy to the universe - this a simplistic telling but if you've been following my blog, then you've heard this story before.

What's to like about Darth Krayt?

Aside from his significance in the STAR WARS Expanded Universe, we give kudos to the detail that was poured into this figure: from the facial tattoos that have deepened to the coral spikes and very biological looking armor, to the coral seeds that dot his arms.

Darth Krayt has a very intimidating visage indeed. He actually looks as if merely bumping into him will hurt you - and Yuuzhan Vong armor is rumored to do that exactly.

Darth Krayt has a removable death mask and has removable shoulder pads - happily he does not have a cape. No capes.

He comes with twin lightsabers that are just as detailed and match the depiction of his lightsabers in the comic books - remember the issues we had about the depiction of  Darth Talon's lightsaber? No such issues here. Darth Krayt's lightsabers are seemingly organic in nature. Very nicely done. You can even clip them onto armor hardpoints on his back.

So what's NOT to like about Darth Krayt?

Well unfortunately his articulation is hampered by all the spikes that he has on him and his armor. Note in the pictures above how his pony-tail may actually prevent you from attaching his lightsabers to his back. Further, more often than not, his shoulder pads will pop off if you raise his arms.

But the worst part about this figure is his lightsabers.

- First is that the blades don't come off from their hilts. What's the point of giving him mounts on his back for his Lightsaber if you cannot remove the blades? Who packs lit-Lightsabers on his back?

- Second  is that Darth Krayt cannot hold both lightsabers at the same time. His left hand is open in a "Force lightning casting" action - though he doesn't come with a Force Lightning attachment. The only reason why my Darth Krayt is still holding his left Lightsaber is that I kept the rubber bindings.

If you can look over these two faults then you have one very intimidating action figure who is a key figure in the STAR WARS Expanded Universe. I still highly recommend getting this figure.

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