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Transformers Cybertron: Optimus Prime (PART 1)

Presenting Optimus Prime from the Transformers Cybetron animated series. The Cybertron Optimus Prime is actually my favorite Prime - even if I thought that the cartoon was a weird escalating see-saw battle of egos. 

 I'm partial to the Cybetron Optimus Prime because of his very concept - his looks, articulation and this particular Leader of the Autobot's ability to merge with his fellow Autobots to become a stronger amalgamation. Add a Cyberkey or two and he becomes even stronger. It also helps that he starts out looking like a typical foot-soldier then ends up looking like a futuristic Samurai Warlord. 

Cybertron Optimus Prime's Blister car reads: "Optimus Prime is a leader in the best sense of the word, taking point on every mission and never sending his team into any situation he wouldn’t go into himself. Dedicated to the protection of all life and the preservation of freedom for all sentient beings, he serves as a role model for his fellow Autobots. It is through his keen intelligence, even hand, steady nerves and endless compassion that the AUTOBOTS continue to frustrate the evil plans of DECEPTICON again and again. Unlock the power! Super-sized OPTIMUS PRIME figure is battle-ready three different ways! Change from robot warrior to heavily armored super robot and then to a futuristic missile-launching long-hauler! Electronic lights and sounds juice up the action! Activate tons of special features with the AUTOBOT Leader Planet Key—reveal the heavy ION blaster or snap out hidden twin rocket launchers! Place this awesome figure at the front of your AUTOBOT ranks to fend off the evil DECEPTICONS. . . it’s going to be a fight to the finish to save CYBERTRON!"

Cybertron Optimus Prime Truck Mode:

Cybertron Optimus Prime, also known as Supreme Commander Optimus Prime, transforms into an unconventional Terran Turntable Ladder Firetruck - I say unconventional because this is the first time I've ever seen a Firetruck with not one, but two "arms" or telescoping ladders - though unfortunately Cybertron Optimus Prime's ladders do not telescope - but they are capable of rotating and elevating. 

In truck mode, Prime's wheels spin freely, but are not articulated so don't expect him to turn when you want him to. 

The twist that Cybertron Optimus Prime brings to the table is his ability to transform into... what can best be described as a red flying brick... but it does fly. 
Eject the trailer, transform Cybertron Optimus Prime into his robot mode, add a few twists to the trailer and you have an artillery piece for Optimus Prime:

Cybertron Optimus Prime Robot Mode:

The robot mode of Cybertron Optimus Prime is not my favorite mode. Personally he looks short, stocky  - I daresay "Fat" - and is very un-Prime like thanks to the fact that he has a mouth here and not the mouth-guard that we've come to know and love.

The good news is, Cybertron Optimus Prime's articulation is pretty decent for a Transformer. He suffers from the distinct inability to twist his torso which plagues most Transformers and most of his joints give out ratcheting noises when they're moved.

Cybetron Optimus Prime comes with a rifle - though the box doesn't bother to name the rifle as an ion cannon. Press a small stub at the back and the rifle launches a small blue-missile.

This is the only mode where Cybertron Optimus Prime can safely open his chest plates. With the add-on Autobots the chest plates usually bang into other parts or are blocked/locked in place. Opening the plates reveals the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. 

What I like about this particular Matrix of leadership is that opening his chest plates doesn't reveal it immediately - I mean what idiot puts a vulnerable spot right in front of him? - As you can see in the image, there's an interior "cover" that has to be drawn down before revealing the matrix.

The Matrix of Leadership can be removed and you can place it in Cybertron Optimus Prime's hands, but he cannot hold it - at least with both hands or in a way that looks "cool" other than what you  see below. 

Cybertron Optimus Prime SUPER Robot Mode:

Now the full starts! Raise Cybertron Optimus Prime's mouth guard, fold out the head-gear horns and attach the trailer and the stocky fat Prime becomes a mythical Samurai warrior who is very, very reminiscent of the Jet-Wing Prime shown in the third Transformers movie - high wings and underslung weapons - as can be seen from the photo courtesy of

Articulation at this point tends to be a bit spotty, because with all of this on his back, Cybertron Optimus Prime tends to be top-heavy. Happily his legs are bigger at this point, but the weak point is at the hips. 
You can also fold the weapons back into a back-heavy storage mode:

The funny part is that the instruction sheet for Cybertron Optimus Prime actually reverses the back-pack. Instead of having his weapons underslung like it appears in the cartoon, the instruction sheet asks you to put it over his head - the nice thing about that being that you can pull two more guns out at leg level. 

Cybetron Optimus Prime only comes with one cyber-key- which is strange since he needs two to activate his weapons. Inserting them into the slot of his right-hand cannon brings out two more spring-loaded missiles - not that cool. Inserting them into the slot of his left hand cannon snaps it open and activates firing lights and sounds - much cooler! 

This is the first of two... maybe three... parts of my review of this ridiculously modular Cybertron Optimus Prime that has over fifty pictures and I'm getting tired. 

But here's a preview of thing to come:

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