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STAR WARS Legacy of the Force: Cade Skywalker

Presenting from STAR WARS Legacy of the Force, Cade Skywalker from the Legacy of the Force 2-pack that included Darth Talon.  Cade Skywalker is assumed to be the Grandson of Ben Skywalker - son of Luke Skywalker - son of Anakin Skywalker. So that makes Anakin from STAR WARS Episode 1 his Great-Great Grandfather. Cade's father Kol, and uncle, Nate, were Jedi Masters and members of the Jedi Council when the One Sith began their rise to power.

For the uninitiated  the One Sith is a deviation from the traditional Sith philosophy called the rule of 2 that was initiated by Darth Bane. If you've played STAR WARS Old Republic, then you know that the Sith used to be as plentiful as Jedi - to the point that they had their own training temples. Then Darth Bane happened and he said that there should only be two: A Sith Lord who has power, and an apprentice who covets power. And this has been how it's been for nearly a millennium. Former Tatooine Jedi Knight A'sharad Hett who fell to the Dark Side and thought that the Rule of 2 was stupid and weakened the Sith especially in face of Luke Skywalker's Jedi New Jedi Order army. So he blasphemed, named himself Darth Krayt and created the Rule of One: One with total power, with an army of followers behind him. 

Darth Krayt went to overthrow the Galactic Alliance, establish a Sith Empire, send the Jedi Order into hiding, and traumatize Luke Skywalker's Great-Great-Grandson into leaving the Jedi Order. Cade Skywalker and becoming a bounty-hunter/pirate  who sometimes hunts Jedi.

Cade Skywalker proves to be an anti-hero who helps overthrow the Sith Empire but never re-establishes himself as a Jedi and actually dabbles in the Dark Side. You can almost classify him as a Gray Jedi because of his use of both Light and Dark side Powers. His biggest call to fame though was his ability to do what caused the fall of his Great-Great-Great Grandfather Darth Vader to the Darkside. Cade Skywalker could do what Anakin Skywalker was never able to do: Bring people back to life - which, surprise, surprise, is a Dark Side Power (Dark Transference). 

What's to like about Cade Skywalker?

Let's start with the concept of a pirate Jedi. Imagine what the world would be like if Han Solo was a Jedi. No more goody-goody two-shoes Luke Skywalker out to save the universe but a scruffy looking Nerf herder who may actually end up destroying it on a whim.

There're actually two versions of the Cade Skywalker/Darth Talon 2-pack that was released in the market. The first one, the one that can also  be seen on Amazon, does not have a lightsaber for Cade Skywalker, just the shotgun, however there is a recess in the plastic for a lightsaber blade.

The second version of the Cade Skywalker/Darth Talon 2-pack, which was a gift from my brother-in-law in Canada, came with not just one, but two lightsabers - one lit with a green blade, one unlit. I'm not sure if this is a factory defect or just an attempt to address consumer's demand that the blade slot be filled.

If you have this figure you will find that Cade Skywalker's articulation to be quite excellent. Cade Skywalker's trench-coat tends to get into the way of articulation and it doesn't come off, but the plastic is soft enough to still allow a wide range of movement in the leg area - and sometimes help prop up the figure. Cade Skywalker's hands are articulated enough to allow him to dual grip both his shotgun and his Lightsaber.

Speaking of his trench-coat, you will love the detail that goes into this figure - from Cade Skywalker's scruffy look to his "badboy" muscle shirt and knee high kick-ass boots to the hidden holster that carries his shotgun, to the tears and dirt that covers his trench-coat. Cade Skywalker reminds me of a Mad-Dog biker who has been on the road for quite a while. Cade Skywalker's get-up is a darker version of the original space-pirate Han Solo - though he does not have Han Solo's honorific Correlian Blood-Stripes, nor any honorific at all. 

What's not to like about Cade Skywalker?

Well I have to say I'm not really to fond about Cade Skywalker's gettup. He looks like a Puritan Pirate to me. But then I suppose you can't please everyone and personally I'm not too happy with the concept of a Gray Jedi. The last Jedi who said that you can use both Dark and Light powers with no consequence turned into Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo). So personally for me it's just a matter of time till Cade Skywalker assumes Darth Vader's place.

Another issue with the figure is the lightsaber. If you're going to spend on Amazon US$39.99 (versus other STAR WARS 2-packs that sell for as low as US$ 15) plus shipping on the 2-pack (Around PhP 1,750 plus shipping) for Cade Skywalker and Darth Talon, wouldn't you want to know if you're getting a version with a lightsaber or without one? The one appearing on Amazon does not have a lightsaber - or at least appears not to have one.

It's a wonderful set to have especially if you're a follower of the STAR WAR Legacy of the Force series but you really, really should have the lightsaber.

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