Monday, August 1, 2011

Queen Gorgo from 300

Presenting Queen Gorgo from the Frank Miller's 300 as interpreted by NECA toys. Someone asked me what was my sexiest toy in my collection and it became a toss up between Maris Brood, Shaak Ti, Darth Talon, Shanna the She-Devil, Alley Baggett (Alley Cat), the White Queen from Marvel Select, Black Cat from Marvel Select and Neca's Queen Gorgo.

It was a tough call considering how Black Cat's bosom was popping out of her suit, but because you can actually lift Queen Gorgo's robes and see her in all her anatomically complete glory (Yes she has nipples. Hell turn her around and her butt is hanging out as well), Queen Gorgo rules!

When I have the time, I should do a Sexiest round up.

So what's to like about Queen Gorgo?

She's half naked, what more do you want? You have to admire the sculpture and how Queen Gorgo projects a very commanding persona despite being dressed in robes that leave little to the imagination.

In fact the thing that draws the most attention in this particular figure is not her nakedness but Queen Gorgo's eyes. You can almost imagine Queen Gorgo surrounded by a legion of Spartans ready to die at her command. "Only Spartan Women give birth to Real Men" indeed.

Another thing you have to admire is the detail that went into Queen Gorgo. You have the detail of the pleating of the robes - such as they are - her jewelry, and even her anatomy - and I'm not just referring to her nipples, but the detail that went into her neck and hands which are both very fine.

What's not to like about Queen Gorgo?

Quite a few things unfortunately. First off is the most obvious,does anyone remember where she wore this dress? It took a while before I found out because it appears only briefly and most of the scene is dark during one of her clandestine meetings. Personally they should have given her a more popular robe such as the one Queen Gorgo was wearing when she and King Leonidas greeted the ill-fated Emissary of Xerxes who did not choose his words carefully.

Next up is the low articulation. Queen Gorgo can barely move her head and only her forearms and one other leg move. The detail to anatomy is also lost under the gown and she only has her shins and feet attached to a plug that seals the bottom of the dress - and makes a nice piggy bank.

Last is, while the detail is exquisite, I don't quite believe they caught Lena Heady's - the star who played Queen Gorgo - quite right, though it is still a commanding and beautiful visage.

Still, Queen Gorgo makes a wonderful centerpiece that you can keep looking at everyday and not lose interest in. NECA still sells Queen Gorgo on Amazon for US$ 9.99. 

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