Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transformers Cybertron: Optimus Prime (PART 1)

Presenting Optimus Prime from the Transformers Cybetron animated series. The Cybertron Optimus Prime is actually my favorite Prime - even if I thought that the cartoon was a weird escalating see-saw battle of egos. 

 I'm partial to the Cybetron Optimus Prime because of his very concept - his looks, articulation and this particular Leader of the Autobot's ability to merge with his fellow Autobots to become a stronger amalgamation. Add a Cyberkey or two and he becomes even stronger. It also helps that he starts out looking like a typical foot-soldier then ends up looking like a futuristic Samurai Warlord. 

Cybertron Optimus Prime's Blister car reads: "Optimus Prime is a leader in the best sense of the word, taking point on every mission and never sending his team into any situation he wouldn’t go into himself. Dedicated to the protection of all life and the preservation of freedom for all sentient beings, he serves as a role model for his fellow Autobots. It is through his keen intelligence, even hand, steady nerves and endless compassion that the AUTOBOTS continue to frustrate the evil plans of DECEPTICON again and again. Unlock the power! Super-sized OPTIMUS PRIME figure is battle-ready three different ways! Change from robot warrior to heavily armored super robot and then to a futuristic missile-launching long-hauler! Electronic lights and sounds juice up the action! Activate tons of special features with the AUTOBOT Leader Planet Key—reveal the heavy ION blaster or snap out hidden twin rocket launchers! Place this awesome figure at the front of your AUTOBOT ranks to fend off the evil DECEPTICONS. . . it’s going to be a fight to the finish to save CYBERTRON!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

STAR WARS Unleashed: Princess Leia (Steel Bikini)

Presenting Princess Leia Organa in a steel bikini as she appears in what is probably the most memorable scene of STAR WARS Return of the Jedi. A few weeks ago we talked about how Queen Gorgo was the sexiest toy in my possession, and she still is in my opinion, but Princess Leia definitely gives her a run for her money given the lithe, toned sculpt of her body.

I actually almost forgot I had this particular sculpt but thought about it recently after going through my blog and looking at Queen Gorgo again. Then it became an inner debate: Is Princess Leia in a Steel Bikini hotter than Queen Gorgo? That's a question worth a thousand ships sent to war.

Personally I feel it all boils down to what you want in a woman. Princess Leia in a Steel Bikini has a very Bishoujo (Young Lady) feel to her - happily with none of the distortion; in contrast McFarlane strove to project the image of a strong battle hardened woman who gives birth to "Real Men" in  Queen Gorgo. So I feel that my personal choice to keep Queen Gorgo as the hottest babe in my collection and not Princess Leia in a Steel Bikini is more a reflection of my age than anything else.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Power Girl speaks Filipino

I read Power Girl.Why? Well take a look at the cover (art by Sami Basiri) and ask yourself why YOU'RE not reading Power Girl. She is after-all the most "powerful" woman in the DC Universe - if you get my drift.

Anyway, I got a very very pleasant surprise when I picked up issue number 27 written by Matthew Sturges that hit the stand here in Manila on the 17th. So despite the fact that I don't review comic books I just knew that I had to share this with the world: Our majestically endowed super-heroine speaks Filipino (Referred to unfortunately as Tagalog).

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Friday, August 19, 2011

G.I. Joe: Sky Striker XP-21F Combat Jet

Presenting the G.I. Joe SkyStriker XP-21F Combat Jet. Note that it I did not refer to it as the Pursuit of Cobra or Rise of Cobra SkyStriker as the packaging that this came with no longer refers to either toy-line and as you can see below, the piping of the box has changed.

On to the obvious: Critics of the new SkyStriker XP-21F point to the fact that the original SkyStriker XP-14F - inspired by the Grumman F-14 Tomcat - seats two; a pilot and a weapons officer. The SkyStriker XP-21F seats only one. But when you think about it, can you name a G.I. Joe cartoon episode where the SkyStriker XP-14F was depicted with two people in the cockpit instead of one? Because I can't, which makes the SkyStriker XP-21F a better representation of what was used in the cartoons.

The ironic part though about the use of a SkyStriker XP-21F by America's elite forces is that, as mentioned, it is based upon the Grumman F-14 Tomcat which is no longer in use by the United States of America - despite having become an iconic poster boy for the American Navy after Top Gun came out - having been retired from active service in 2006, AND; the only army currently deploying Grumman F-14 Tomcats is the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force. Further, the SkyStriker XP-14F gives tribute to the F-14 in it's name. Assuming that the SkyStriker XP-21F does the same, then it's a tribute to an F-21 Kfir (Lion Cub) primarily used by the Israeli Air Force.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Toy News: Artists Combine forces to Become Heroes for Disaster Relief Effort

You gotta love this poster

In the wake of numerous natural disasters throughout the early part of this year, the virtual world has heeded the call to help out the real world in it's time of need.  Almost as soon as the news was released  about the devastating earthquakes throughout Japan, online communities began to rally around the cause. On Facebook, Twitter, and across thousands of blog sites and internet forums, many began asking what they could do to help. As later reports of the Joplin tornadoes and East African drought began to make their way into the media, it became clear that action would be needed.

In response to these crises, A group of comic and toy artists have banded together to donate their talents to the "Heroes Give Hope" charity auction.  Through the auction of these works of art, the Pop Culture community is raising funds for's continuing disaster relief  efforts.  These dedicated donors from around the world have each offered up many one-of-a-kind pieces to be sold in this unique online Live-Auction event, with 100% of the hammer price of each going directly to Convoy of Hope. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Battletech: Steel Wolves Mad Cat III (Timber Wolf)

Presenting a Battletech Steel Wolves Mad Cat III (Or Timber Wolf III if you're Clan) Battlemech. I do believe this was built by WizKids Inc but I'm not sure and I can no longer find any reference to it on the Internet. It's as if it was never made.

Anyway, I don't know where I first saw or experienced it, but I can never get the sound of a woman piloting a Battlemech screaming on an intercom "Mad Cat! Mad Cat!" right before the Mad Cat kills her and the intercom goes dead. If there is one Battlemech that I'm sure dominates the mind of anyone who has ever played Battletech when the word "Clan" is mentioned, I'm 100% sure it's the Mad Cat. And why wouldn't it? The Mad Cat has a ferocious visage, power to fight at any range and speed: an almost perfect killing machine. Mad Cat is an Inner Sphere term for this Battlemech which was known as the Timber Wolf to the invading Clan forces.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

STAR WARS Legacy of the Force: Imperial Knight Masters Sigel Dare, Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg

Presenting Imperial Knight Masters Antares Draco, Sigel Dare and Ganner Krieg from STAR WARS Legacy of the Force.

Imperial Knights are an order of Force Sensitive Jedi that served the Empire-in-Exile (Formerly known as the Fel Empire) - a long, long time ago after Luke Skywalker had become one with the Force. They were formerly known as the Knights of the Empire till Darth Krayt's One Sith Empire came to power and kicked them out.

They were founded because Jagged Fel - squeeze of Jaina Solo - thought that it would really be great if the  Imperial Remnant had Jedi Knights.

In essence, Imperial Knights are trained Jedi who instead of being loyal to the ways of the Force, swear fealty to the Emperor of the Empire BUT with the clause "As long as he serves the Light Side of the Force." Because of this they were rejected by the Jedi Order and considered "Gray Jedi" - or Jedi who rejected the Dark Side of the Force but did whatever was necessary to bring "Order and Peace to the Galaxy" (Very Anakin Skywalker, but think of them a bunch of Qui Gon Jinns who "Do what they must" with or without the council's permission).

With the fall of the One Sith Empire and the rise of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate led by Admiral Gar Stazi, Jedi Master K'Kruhk and Imperial Knight and heir to the Fel Empire, Empress Marasiah Fel, the Imperial Knights remain separate from the Jedi Order, but now consider them allies - for now.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon: Drag Strip

Presenting Drag Strip a Human Alliance Decepticon from the Transformers Dark of the Moon toy-line. Yes, that's a Decepticon. I don't normally collect Decepticon. Shockwave and Laserbeak were exceptions because I liked what they looked like. DOTM Drag  Strip is another exception. "Why?" Well we'll discuss that later.

If you were a fan of the Transformers cartoon, then you might remember Drag Strip as one of the Decepticon Stunticons - he was the yellow weirdly six wheeled (yes, count them, six)  F1 race-car that became the left arm of the Mighty - and very mentally unstable -  Menasor.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon: Fireburst Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)

Presenting the Fireburst Optimus Prime Voyager class from Hasbro's Transformers Dark of the Moon toy-line. I have to admit that the first time I saw the DOTM Voyager class Optimus Prime, I thought that it was one of the crappiest toys I've ever seen. I definitely didn't want it and I thought that it was an insult to fans - especially in light of how good the Decepticon Voyager Class toys looked - especially Shockwave.

I felt further justified after watching the movie. However when the Fireburst Optimus Prime hit the shelves, I thought that it was a colorful improvement of the existing Voyager class Optimus Prime and came with a battle axe which is something that Prime would actually use. So on a whim and a bad day, I got it and here he is.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

STAR WARS Legacy of the Force: Cade Skywalker

Presenting from STAR WARS Legacy of the Force, Cade Skywalker from the Legacy of the Force 2-pack that included Darth Talon.  Cade Skywalker is assumed to be the Grandson of Ben Skywalker - son of Luke Skywalker - son of Anakin Skywalker. So that makes Anakin from STAR WARS Episode 1 his Great-Great Grandfather. Cade's father Kol, and uncle, Nate, were Jedi Masters and members of the Jedi Council when the One Sith began their rise to power.

For the uninitiated  the One Sith is a deviation from the traditional Sith philosophy called the rule of 2 that was initiated by Darth Bane. If you've played STAR WARS Old Republic, then you know that the Sith used to be as plentiful as Jedi - to the point that they had their own training temples. Then Darth Bane happened and he said that there should only be two: A Sith Lord who has power, and an apprentice who covets power. And this has been how it's been for nearly a millennium. Former Tatooine Jedi Knight A'sharad Hett who fell to the Dark Side and thought that the Rule of 2 was stupid and weakened the Sith especially in face of Luke Skywalker's Jedi New Jedi Order army. So he blasphemed, named himself Darth Krayt and created the Rule of One: One with total power, with an army of followers behind him. 

Darth Krayt went to overthrow the Galactic Alliance, establish a Sith Empire, send the Jedi Order into hiding, and traumatize Luke Skywalker's Great-Great-Grandson into leaving the Jedi Order. Cade Skywalker and becoming a bounty-hunter/pirate  who sometimes hunts Jedi.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Toy on a Budget: G.I. Joe Raft

Presenting a raft for G.I. Joe. Note that this is NOT official G.I. Joe merchandise, this is a Chinese army toy that did not even warrant a real product name, did not have a seal that says it was inspected by the DTI or Bureau of Customs for lead content and other hazardous chemicals - in fact it probably is chock full of lead paint, don't eat it, wash your hands after playing with it and for God's sake, DON''T LICK IT!

The G.I. Joe Raft was purchased, surprisingly, in Toys R' Us here in the Philippines under the sections reserved for really, really cheap toys. I often trawl these sections looking precisely for items like this and I was quite happy with what I found this time for only PhP 35.00 (approximately US$ .81 cents).

Monday, August 1, 2011

Queen Gorgo from 300

Presenting Queen Gorgo from the Frank Miller's 300 as interpreted by NECA toys. Someone asked me what was my sexiest toy in my collection and it became a toss up between Maris Brood, Shaak Ti, Darth Talon, Shanna the She-Devil, Alley Baggett (Alley Cat), the White Queen from Marvel Select, Black Cat from Marvel Select and Neca's Queen Gorgo.

It was a tough call considering how Black Cat's bosom was popping out of her suit, but because you can actually lift Queen Gorgo's robes and see her in all her anatomically complete glory (Yes she has nipples. Hell turn her around and her butt is hanging out as well), Queen Gorgo rules!

When I have the time, I should do a Sexiest round up.
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