Friday, July 22, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon: Whirl

Presenting the Autobot Whirl from Transformers Dark of the Moon (Human Alliance) - accompanied by Major  Sparkplug.  Neither DOTM Whirl nor Major Sparkplug were in the movie unfortunately which is a pity because when the DOTM Transformers pics first started appearing on the web there was a lot of speculation about the "Human Alliance" and how it would affect the movie (Only to find out that the Human Alliance was never meant to be a part of the movie.)

Rude marketing gimmicks aside, DOTM Whirl is actually a member of the Wreckers - the elite Autobot Commando squad out to end the Cybertronian War through any means necessary - which puts him on the same team as Topspin and Roadbuster.

Whirl was actually also released in the ROTF line as a re-paint/model of Evac who was a re-paint./model of the Decepticon Blackout, but the DOTM Whirl - with skis for feet - is closer to how Whirl was first envisioned in Generation 1 of the Transformers.

In the IDW Generation 1 continuity of the Wreckers, DOTM Whirl is actually cited by Megatron as the "One to taught him how to hate and use violence instead of peaceful means." Apparently when Megatron was just a petty criminal and Whirl was a cop, DOTM Whirl beat the crap out of Megatron in an interrogation gone bad.

DOTM Whirl is still a cop, though his role is more of a deep penetration agent now or a spy. DOTM Whirl's blister car d reads "Autobot Whirl prefers to observe what occurs around him and base his trategy on the information he gathers. His human partner Major Sparkplug agrees, having spent much of his life behind enemy lines and deep undercover."

What's to like about DOTM Whirl?

Well DOTM Whirl is quite a stable character - what with him having skis for feet and all. So don't expect DOTM Whirl to ever tip over. And despite having skis for feet, he is quite flexible - DOTM Whirl is not all feet. I actually thought that DOTM Whirl must look really stupid walking around with skis, but stretch your imagination and you can imagine him actually hovering around instead of actually walking.

DOTM Whirl is also quite decently armed with twin gattling gun looking arm mounts and a pair of back-up guns on his chest. It would have been nice though if he could take his rotor and use it as a bladed weapon.

DOTM Whirl transforms into a heavily armed Gyro-copter that Major Sparkplug can actually ride - though his feet dangle awkwardly outside. 

But DOTM Whirl's biggest bonus is his Mechtech he's actually a triple-changer and can assume the form of a mounted cannon with Major Sparkplug in the firing seat. There are images of DOTM Whirl standing in this form and either the people at Hasbro are masters of balance or that's rigged. DOTM Whirl can be mounted on any Mechtech  port that will take its shape and weight and I do believe it would actually look good on the DOTM Ark. But it also looks great in the hands of his fellow Wreckers - though the fit is not so great and a lot of patience and balance is required. 

What's NOT to like about DOTM Whirl?

Well DOTM Whirl kinda reminds me of a pregnant woman armed with gattling guns. Where-ever DOTM Whirl goes, his stomach will go first and his pose just juts everything out. While I appreciate how close DOTM Whirl's robot design is to the original, perhaps it would have been better if he transformed into a full fledged Helicopter and not a Gyrocopter and did not have to accommodate a human pilot.

DOTM Whirl's gyro-copter mode also looks like a carnival ride gone very very wrong. Major Sparkplug:

  1. Can't reach the controls while he' pegged to the seat
  2. Can't see where he's going anyway so why bother?

So unless you're a die-hard Wreckers fan - oh by the way, DOTM Whirl is quite hard to find here in the Philippines and I just lucked out and got him for the retail price of PhP 699.75 - don't buy DOTM Whirl, you may not grow to appreciate him and just resent him. DOTM Whirl is worth US$14.95 plus shipping on Amazon

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