Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon: Topspin and G1 Topspin

A month ago, I did a review on Transformers Dark of the Moon's Topspin. A few days later I was at the 10th Philippine Toy Con where I found a G1 Topspin that had seen better days for a bargain price. And I thought that it would be great if the two met.

It's actually interesting to see how far technology has come in terms of toy production. G1 Topspin was born in 1985, DOTM Topspin was born this year. In 26 years Topspin has gone from a spring-loaded Kickstarter to a spring loaded mechtech accessorized complex piece of plastic that takes almost forever to transform. 

My G1 Topspin was bought at a bargain price (PhP 150 US$ 3.41). Sadly G1 Topspin no longer had his decals and his particle beam rifle was a goner. Happily G1 Topspin's decal panel can still be found on-line and soon he'll be dressed up again. The only thing I won't be able to replace would be G1 Topspin's rub-reveal decal.
For the uninitiated, Kickstarters were transformers that took literally seconds to transform. Simply pull G1 Topspin's legs over his head and he's some futuristic fighter plane. Pulling him back loads G1 Topspin's internal spring mechanism. Release and he runs forward then literally jumps up and transforms. 

DOTM Topspin can't do that. In fact it's quite difficult to transform him without losing some parts at certain points. 

But if you were to ask me which one would survive a fall from a 20 floor building to concrete? My money would be on DOTM Topspin. 

Plastic has come a long way as well. 

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