Saturday, July 9, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon: Roadbuster

Presenting Roadbuster from Transformers Dark Side of the Moon. More commonly known as the "Common" released DOTM toy of the Wreckers.

Personally I do not know what to make of the Transformers Dark Side of the Moon and their portrayal of the cult-icon Wreckers. Rather than the frustrated Autobots who cleaned up after their pacifist companions, you instead had what appeared to be engineers strangely pumped up on steroids and who appear to have spent too much time playing video games that they've gone rude and battle crazy.

They were also quite ineffective in the movie despite packing a hell of a lot of hardware - even if they were taking on Shockwave - who was damaged more by humans than the firepower of all three Wreckers combined.

And strangely they all survived. Including DOTM Roadbuster. DOTM Roadbuster also has the most lines in the movie. 

Purchased at ToyTown in Eastwood City Mall for the retail price of PhP 699.75 (around US$ 15.00, US$ 16.99 on Amazon) DOTM Roadbuster's blister card reads "Roadbuster might be a little rough around the edges, but he's got it where it counts. For as long as any of them can remember, he and his partners have specialized in traveling the galaxy, kicking Decepticon tailpipe and taking names. To them, Earth is just another battleground."
And as with DOTM Topspin, DOTM Roadbuster bears the NASCAR seal. DOTM Roadbuster bears the likeness of NASCAR Raceteam Hendrick Motorsports'  #88 AMP Energy/National Guard Chevrolet Impala driven by Dale Earnhardt, Jr - son of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, Sr.  Sadly a lot of the detail from this iconic Impala disappears in DOTM Roadbuster, and you'll also note the discrepancy in the paint job. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

So what's to like about DOTM Roadbuster?

The design. DOTM Roadbuster is far easier to transform. In fact you can transform DOTM Roadbuster without having to worry about joints popping out of their sockets like is a common occurrence of transforming DOTM Topspin - which is quite a feat to transform without a manual.

The result is an Autobot with twin shoulder mounted missile launchers and with a decent amount of flexibility that is not as awkward, top heavy and "bulky" as DOTM Topspin
DOTM Roadbuster comes with an arm mounted blaster that mechtechs into a chainsaw. Unfortunately, as with DOTM Topspin Crossbow, you cannot lock the chainsaw into place - which is a shame because I actually prefer the look of DOTM Roadbuster's chainsaw in comparison to the rather bland and weird looking blaster.

I suppose that's all the nice things I have to say about DOTM Roadbuster - and I was being kind.

What's not to like about DOTM Roadbuster?

Where do I begin?
    A) The pitiful paintjob/design. I suppose I had this coming for complaining about how DOTM Topspin looked like something out of Deathrace - which isn't so bad because that makes it cool in a sense. My real complaint was that DOTM Topspin didn't fit in with the idea of a Transformer because Transformers were Robots in Disguise.

    Hasbro chose to portray DOTM Topspin as he appears in the movie with his weapons exposed. Somehow this made them think, "Well someo blogger out there will complain about this "Robots in Diguise" thingee so let's have one of the Wreckers appear real life accurate. Unfortunately DOTM Roadbuster looks like a hillbilly poor paint job of the real thing.  And this goes on to DOTM Roadbuster's look in robot mode. He has three colors, gray, green and white. That's it. None of the additional gold piping that DOTM Topspin has.

    B) His in-flexibility. Because of the fact that most of his top chassis ends up as a cape on DOTM Roadbuster's back, he actually has limited flexibility and DOTM Roadbuster cannot kneel. What you see below is probably the full length of his leg flexibility.

    C) The Mechtech: The packaging shows DOTM Roadbuster's blaster mounted on his side in car mode. You can't do this because when he's transformed, the spring-loaded mounts are blocked by DOTM Roadbuster's innards. The only place you can actually mount it is on DOTM Roadbuster's roof.

    So would I recommend you go grab DOTM Roadbuster? Absolutely not. Even if you're a die-hard Wrecker's fan and want to collect DOTM Roadbuster just for yourWait for it to go on sale which it most likely will and you'll probably be able to pick it up at half price. Or wait for the coming DOTM Human Alliance Roadbuster which has waaay waaay better detailing than what this DOTM Roadbuster has.

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