Monday, July 11, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon: Laserbeak

Presenting Transformers Dark of the Moon: Laserbeak. I purchased Laserbeak at the recently concluded Hasbro/Toys R' Us two day DOTM Toy launch at Robinson's Galleria. So I was able to get him at the retail price of PhP 699.75  (Roughly US$ 15, US$ 18.99 to US$ 21.45 on Amazon) - the price of a regular DOTM figure.

I have to admit I was quite impressed with Laserbeak's versatility in the movie. I'm quite sure he'll be quite an opponent in the video-game. Though I'm sadly disappointed at how whimpy the writers of DOTM wrote him when it came to something as simple as killing or capturing Sam Witwicky - who, by the way, I feel ruined the movie (It was like watching Lord of the Rings and wanting to forward all the parts with the Hobbit love scenes).

Before we proceed, let's note that, no, DOTM Laserbeak does not have a slot that allows you to attach a Marvel Legends stand into his body. But DOTM Laserbeak does have a plethora of holes where you can stab it in and gain some level of stability.

And it does balance quite well though it would be better if DOTM Laserbeak did have a stand of it's own. We'll get back to this later.

DOTM Laserbeak's blister card reads: "Laserbeak grows more independent each day spent away from Cybertron. The loyal servant of Soundwave and the Decepticons has become more self-aware since arriving in the Milky Way. Laserbeak continuously monitors Autobot troop movement from afar, plotting the perfect moment to unleash his laser attack." The blister card also states that DOTM Laserbeak transforms into a Hover Jet vehicle and comes armed with a Mechtech Dual-Barrel Cybertronian cannon. 

What's to like about DOTM Laserbeak?

It's almost completely movie accurate that it borders on ugly - and when I mean ugly, I mean creepy. I believe the only thing more that I would have liked from Hasbro would have been to make his parts extend even further i.e. his neck, tail and wingspan - and for drool to come fall from DOTM Laserbeak's mouth like it did in the movie (But that's asking for too much.)

But look at those boggly eyes! You just have to love something that ugly.

DOTM Laserbeak's articulation is also wonderful enough that he can actually interact with other DOTM figures. There are two folding pegs on the back of his leg that can attach to most DOTM arms as shown here - note how DOTM Laserbeak is able to pull back his wings.

I should note though that I did not use the pegs as I was having difficulty with DOTM Laserbeak's weight. I used DOTM Shockwave's blade to properly balance him instead.

DOTM Laserbeak also transforms into a Hover-Jet Vehicle - though I don't know why a flying creature would need to do such a thing and the second form is much too alien to make DOTM Laserbeak a "Robot in Disguise."

It looks a lot like a tattooed AT-99 Scorpion Gunship from Avatar. I also have a Transformer which looks a lot like this, but for the love of me I can't remember who that Transformer is.

What's not to like about DOTM Laserbeak?

Some people may complain that DOTM Laserbeak looks incredibly like a crazy chicken - but I feel this is mostly due to the lack of length of the extremities as explained above.

DOTM Laserbeak's Mechtech. It's simply way too big for DOTM Laserbeak and looks far too awkward for the little guy in either robot mode or Hover-Jet mode.

DOTM Laserbeak's Mechtech  looks even worse when activated - by forcing one of the guns into the back of the other, hence activating a swivel that turns one of the gun's cannons around. 

There's also a problem with the Mechtech  forcing the gun all the way till it locks in the back of the other rifle forces the part that swivels to over-swivel throwing the gun out of alignment. Not pushing it all the way in results in the cannon being bent as seen above.

I would definitely have preferred smaller weapons. 

And lastly, DOTM Laserbeak only transforms into a Hover-Jet - despite transforming into several other  forms in the movie. Personally it would have been nicer if DOTM Laserbeak transformed into something deadlier looking.

Still. DOTM Laserbeak is an iconic figure and a wonderful support character developed for the movie. I don't regret buying him and I do expect DOTM Laserbeak's price to jack up as the days fo by.

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