Sunday, July 10, 2011

Toy News: Toys R' Us DOTM Toy Launch at Robinsons Galleria

Here's me at the Toys R'Us/Hasbro DOTM Toy Launch at Robinsons Galleria yesterday evening. When I first saw it on the internet, I swore that I would not purchase the Ultimate Optimus Prime because it looked like a "Paru-parong Bukid" (Provincial Butterfly - an old Filipino folksong that negatively compares a provincial butterfly to the actions of an extremely vain woman), but I had received potentially life-changing negative news that day so I was really depressed. 
But what I really wanted was this, a Takara issued Jetwing Optimus Prime - which is more akin to what he looked like before getting hung up in the movie. Unfortunately Toys R Us was not selling this - though it is up as a prize:

 Php 500 (A little over US$ 10) earns you a raffle coupon where you can win the aforementioned Jetwing Prime, an Ultimate Optimus Prime or a collectors Silver plated Bumblebee!

 Today, July 10 is the last day of the raffle/exhibit/sale so come on down to Robinson's Galleria, look for the former fountain area at the center of the mall and look for the 15 ft Optimus Prime, you can't miss him.

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