Saturday, July 30, 2011

Toy News: 2011 SDCC Marvel Legends upcoming figures

Marvel is bringing back Marvel Legends in a big way (Finally, I was thinking of shifting to Marvel Universe) and thanks to we have them here (Do remember to visit them, it's a wonderful website and check out their facebook page here). Though I probably shouldn't hold my breath as the release dates are not mentioned in the presentation of Marvel in the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con.
There will be 2 waves of Marvel Legends incoming.... soon (Hopefully before the end of the world). Wave 1, the Marvel Legends Terrax series will be composed of seven figures including:
  • Steve Rogers - carrying his Captain America Shield - I'm actually hoping for a variant because Steve Rogers did not wield the Shield. Steve Erogers reverted back to using his old energy shield having bequeathed Captain America's shield to Bucky Cap
  • Hope Summers (You know you're technically NOT a Summers right?) the baby Cable saved is now a blossoming irritating young woman who will be the doom of the mutant race. 
  • Klaw - the villain made of sound and channeled through Vibranium
  • Constrictor - The guy who couldn't get over Diamonback's history with Captain America so he went back to being an anti-hero.
  • A very spiritual looking modern Ghost Rider
  • The Heroic Age Thor - though, based upon the pic, I still prefer the Marvel Select Thor. 
  • The Extremis Armor Iron Man. I'm a bit disappointed with this since, while it as a classic, he no longer uses this armor. 
  • The seven have BAF parts that combine to form Silver Surfer foe and former Herald of the one and only Galactus, Terrax

Wave 2, the Arnim Zola series might consist of two packs considering the way these images are presented:

The confirmed members of the Marvel Legends Arnim Zola series include: 
  • Madame Masque
  • Captain America - or as I and a lot of people like to call him, "Bucky Cap"
  • Thunderball from the Wrecking Crew (The more I think about it, the more I think about just how funny that name is)


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