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STAR WARS Force Unleashed: Shaak Ti

Presenting Jedi Master Shaak Ti as she appears in the video-game STAR WARS Force Unleashed. A month ago we wrote about how it would be cool to join the Sith because they had really hot babes like Darth Talon. Jedi Master Shaak ti is one of the Jedi's answer to that argument - and a convincing one at that.

Jedi Master Shaak Ti is a Togruta from the planet Shili and was a member of the Jedi Council till the Council's fall upon Operation Knightfall (Order 666). Shaak Ti was one of the Jedi Temple's defenders when Darth Vader and the 501st Legion came to destroy all the temple's occupants.

An accomplished light-saber master, Shaak Ti led the defenders of the Jedi Temple and even held her own against Darth Vader. But she quickly realized that she could not stop the fall of the temple and disoriented Darth Vader enough to break away from the combat to organize an evacuation of as many knights, padawans and initiates as she could before being forced to fee herself.

Jedi Master Shaak Ti finds refuge in the jungles of Felucia, loses most of her clothing - not that we're complaining - takes on a just as scantily clad semi-psycho apprentice named Maris Brood; and eventually meets her demise battling Darth Vader's secret apprentice Starkiller - but nor before prophesizing Starkiller's betrayal by his Sith Masters. Shaak Ti's death plunged the Force sensitive world of Felucia and its residents into a dark-side driven frenzy. 

What's so interesting about Jedi Master Shaak Ti is that she's actually the only person to my knowledge that George Lucas killed three times. Buy the Revenge of the Sith DVD and you'll find Shaak Ti's death scene at the hands of General Greivous while a hapless Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker watched. Play - of all things - Lego Star Wars the Video game, and you'll witness Shaak Ti's death at the hands of Darth Vader. Both of these deaths have been declared non-canonical by Lucas. Her official death is her duel with Starkiller.

What's to like about Jedi Master Shaak Ti?

As with Darth Talon, we have to ask "Are you blind?"  Shaak Ti's practically naked. And her detail is just as intricate as Darth Talon. While she does not have the same amount of tattoos as Darth Talon, she does have an a lot of bead and leather-work on her. You really get the feeling that this particular character lives in a harsh jungle.  If you can admire Darth Talon for the dedication that went into her tattoos, you have to admire Shaak Ti for her design.

The detail even extends to the spikes on her forearms and the body paint on her upper arms and upper thighs and to the belt that goes around her waist.

If you are a fan of the video-game then you will love just how accurately she was depicted here.

Even Shaak Ti's lightsaber design is as close to how it should be as they could make it. It is not just a simple generic lightsaber.

Another thing to love about Shaak Ti is her articulation. Unlike Darth Talon who came with a very stiff re-purposed body, Shaak Ti comes with a new highly articulated body. Even her torso twists at two points. There is some articulation lost due to her head tails and accouterments, particularly at her feet, and she tends to be top heavy, but still way better than Darth Talon's. Still with a proper stand, there is much that you can do with this figure in terms of pose-ability. It's a shame though that she cannot do a split. Shaak Ti's upper leg joints only move forward and back.

And of course you have to love Shaak Ti's legacy. Shaak Ti was the mentor of the dual-Light-Tonfa-Saber wielding Maris Brood - who we will have to discuss at some other date.

What's not to like about Jedi Master Shaak Ti?

Nothing much really, other than the inability of Shaak Ti to spread her legs and the occasional problem with the Head Tails, leg-warmers and leather.  I dare say Shaak Ti is almost a perfect example of what a collectible toy should be, accurate and pose-able.

Shaak Ti is definitely a must have for anyone who enjoyed Star Wars 1-3 and for anyone who loved Star Wars:Force Unleashed.

Shaak Ti is available on Amazon for - get this - a whopping US$ 32.99. I do believe I lucked out on her and bought her here at retail price of around US$ 8.98

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