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Transformers Dark of the Moon: Topspin (DOTM)

Presenting Transformers Dark of the Moon's Topspin. For those unfamiliar with DOTM Topspin and who he is, Topspin is a member of an elite special-forces group of Autobots called the Wreckers.

The Wreckers are Autobots who decided that the pacifistic ways of Optimus Prime and company were not enough and that the only way to end the Cybertron War was to kill specific individuals within the Decepticon ranks. Think of them as Wolverine's X-Force to Cyclops' X-Men.

As a result the Wreckers have gained a cult standing among Transformers collectors. Partly because in certain continuities the Wreckers are let by Ultra Magnus or Rodimus Prime - mostly Ultra Magnus. Other known leaders include Springer and Impactor - the original leader who died.

Most of the Wreckers end up dead - including Topspin. So don't expect a long life span for Topspin who makes an appearance in Transformers Dark of the Moon. Chance does not favor his survival. Most of DOTM Topspin's fellow wreckers have already made their Transformers DOTM toy appearances namely: Roadbuster, Sandstorm and Whirl.

DOTM Topspin's blister card however does not mention his association with the Wreckers and paints a very different picture of him.

DOTM's blister card reads "For Autobot Topspin it's all about going fast and carrying lots of weapons. He, Roadbuster and Leadfoot were master technicians on Cybertron. Over the years they perfected modifications to vehicles, armor and weaponry that rival anything the Decepticon scientists could ever hope to produce."

So while allusions are made to DOTM Topspin carrying an overbearing amount of weaponry, nothing is mentioned about his being a member of a special forces group.

Let's now take this moment to recognize the official "NASCAR est 1948" laser hologram sticker that comes with the package.

The sticker is because DOTM Topspin assumes the form of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series legend Jimmie Johnson's race car - a blue and yellow striped Chevrolet owned by Hendrick Motorsports (Who's logo also appears on the package) with the number 48 and the livery of Lowe Home Improvement (Among others) on it.

What is to like about DOTM Topspin?

If you're a fan of guns, guns and more guns, then you'll like DOTM Topspin especially in his robot mode. DOTM Topspin comes with four shoulder mounted positionable cannons (Yes, I intentionally mounted them backwards - I think it looks and moves better that way)

You may find that these snap off easily (Safety feature) and there are those who will criticize that they get in the way of the figure's articulation, but I do believe you can work around them and they do look good.

DOTM Topspin doesn't have hands, he has pincers. These pincers are tight enough to hold items, but given what they are, there is a limit to what DOTM Topspin can hold. As a result, his crossbow-like blaster has a peg that attaches to his arm. He does not hold it per-se. 
As you can see here, DOTM Topspin's detail in robot mode is exquisite - definitely a quality and well thought of/designed collectible
Despite the shoulder-cannons, DOTM Topspin's articulation is excellent. As with most of Hasbro's Transformers these days, DOTM Topspin cannot twist his torso though and his thigh is actually quite short - which makes his kneeling a bit awkward. 

What is NOT to like about DOTM Topspin?

DOTM's car mode. Transformers has always gone by the by-line "Robots in disguise" and here you have an Autobot that transforms into something that looks like it just came out of Death Race. While a lot of people would - including myself - enjoy this look, there are those - like me again - who wonder why this is his default look. Where is the "blending in?" Further, remove the cannons and you can actually see right through DOTM Topspin's chassis.
I expected a car that looks like in runs in NASCAR and I'm actually surprised that the franchise would throw its name into car-designs that are not based upon current NASCAR race vehicles, but upon twisted "Death Race" versions of them. Is this a sign that one day we will have "Death Races" and NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports is looking into it? Though I have to say DOTM Topspin looks great with the four mounted cannons on his chassis. 
To make things worse, add the DOTM Topspin's MechTech Blaster onto the vehicle and it really, really looks bad. 

Speaking of MechTech as with the Deluxed sized figures in this series, DOTM's MechTech Blaster does not come with a locking mechanism. So pressing down on the sprint-action device will transform the MechTech blaster into a giant claw, but you won't be able to lock it in that form. 
DOTM Topspin is being touted here in the Philippines as rare and sells on the blackmarket for as much as PhP 1,000 (Around US$ 23). I lucked out and chanced upon him in SM Fariviews toykingdom where they were selling him at retail price for PhP 699.75. (Around US$ 11).

I do not however recommend DOTM Topspin unless he becomes a major character in the upcoming movie or unless you are planning to complete the Wreckers - which would make a really nice collection

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