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Marvel Legends: She Hulk SDCC Exclusive

Presenting Marvel Legends: She Hulk - an exclusive released in the San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) in 2007. The Sensational She Hulk is actually a re-paint of the Marvel Legends: She Hulk released in 2006 along with the "Build an Action Figure" Blob Series

You probably remember the Marvel Legends: She Hulk from 2006 as the She Hulk having a bad hair day that sported her modern white-stripped jump suit. And also as the She Hulk that had that hideous smile that reminded everyone of what happens when someone inhales "Joker Juice.".

The SDCC She Hulk sculpt solves her bad hair day by putting it in a pony tail and has her don her Fantastic Four Uniform. However, someone from Hasbro must have really been hurt by all the "Joker Juice" comments that most likely rained into the Hasbro Headquarters that that someone - almost sarcastically - removed absolutely all facial expression from the SDCC She Hulk.  The SDCC She Hulk is so dour she's downright zombified.

SDCC She Hulk comes in a display box and in a white carton shipping container which has She Hulk's image on the side - complain if you don't have it. The SDCC She Hulk  also comes with a pair of eye-glasses, a Velcro lined jacket, a button and Velcro lined skirt, interchangeable hands and feet and a brief-case that can be opened but is empty. 

The SDCC She Hulk's blister card reads "High-powered Super Hero attorney Jennifer Walters hasn’t always been a solo act. During one of Ben Grimm’s extended absences from the Fantastic Four, she filled in as the First Family’s heavy hitter. As part of the gang of four, she split her time between serving as legal counsel to her teammates and many of New York’s other heroes, and trading blows with the likes of Doctor Doom and Terminus. She served with distinction as the longest-term replacement for any member of the Fantastic Four, and remains friends with all of them to this day. Her first duty, however, has always been to justice. Even during this busy time she kept up her legal practice and maintained her qualifications, and appeared in court as often as possible (when she wasn’t captured by the Beyonder or crushing Doombots in Latveria)."

What's to like about the SDCC She Hulk?

Well if you like to play dress up with Barbie Dolls, then you can dress the SDCC She Hulk up as she would appear as a lawyer. Note that unlike her cousin, Bruce, She Hulk is not as .... volatile and can remain in She Hulk form without talking about her alter ego like a schizophrenic. Jennifer Walters and the She Hulk are one - so far.

Also during her stint with the Fantastic Four, she was exposed to high levels of radiation while trying to contain a downed SHIELD Helicarrier, resulting in her being unable to transform back to Jennifer Walters - which is why she started to practice law in her She Hulk form.

Although this clothing change makes her as dated as her Fantastic Four outfit. Last I checked, Jennifer Walters was disbarred and was a bounty hunter. 

One of the nice things about playing dress-up with the SDCC She Hulk is that you can actually have her posed in between two worlds - Fantastic Four Heroine and intimidating lawyer - making for some very interesting poses.

Eventually you can rip off all her clothes. They Are held in place by Velcro and a small push-button for the skirt. If you will notice this will leave the SDCC She Hulk in a Fantastic Four uniform with fore-arm warmers but no gloves and in high-heels that don't match what she's wearing.

Happily, the SDCC She Hulk comes with a change of hands and feet: White gloved hands - repainted from the 2006 Marvel Legends She Hulk and a pair of white rubber shoes for her feet. Replacing the hands and feet completes the SDCC She Hulk's Fantastic Four Uniform.


What's not to like about the SDCC She Hulk?

Well aside from the dour, dead-pan face? The SDCC She Hulk has the following problems:
  • Ill fitting clothes: Perhaps Hasbro should discuss the matter with Kenner. The eye-glasses are the worst part. They look like aviator glasses on her. 
  • Low articulation: As with the 2006 Marvel Legends She Hulk, the SDCC She Hulk does not have the ability to twist her waist. This severely reduces the SDCC She Hulk's pose-ability. which is a shame considering that the rest of the figure has considerable articulation. 
  • It's a re-sculpt - and they didn't try to upgrade the sculpt. The 2006 Marvel Legends She Hulk did not have clenched fists. The SDCC She Hulk has a pair of new hands, but no fists. In fact, one of the replacement fists - look at her right hand (No gloves) - is almost claw like in appearance.
  • It's a re-paint. Come to think of it, that's not so bad. You can pop the SDCC She Hulk's head off and replace the funny looking face of the 2006 Marvel Legends She Hulk and give her a more modern look. 

Still if you are a fan of the Fantastic Four, then this is a must have to complete the series. It's also a unique memoir of one of the most iconic Comic Book Conventions of all times. This particular SDCC She Hulk was bought in the Greenhills Blackmarket for PhP 1,799 - but that was five years ago. It's available on Amazon for US$ 39.99 to US$ 54.99.

She-Hulk with the Fantastic Four (Ronan the Accuser BAF Series), and the now deceased Scott Lang (Ant-Man - BAF Goliath Series). 
In closing: Here's the real reason why she looks so sad. She woke up one morning and realized she went to bed with Hercules - god of womanizing.

Let it be known "Hercules was here"

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