Friday, June 24, 2011

Halo Reach: Carter A259 Noble 1

Presenting from McFarlane Toys: Commander Carter: Spartan A259, call sign Noble 1 from the video-game Halo Reach.

If you played the game, then you know that Commander Carter was the head of UNSC Special Warfare Command Group Three AKA Noble Team, an elite-Spartan-Commando team that was a critical fighting force during the Fall of Reach. All of Noble Team - including Noble 6 (Whom you play in the game) died at one point or another. Only Noble 3, Warrant Officer Jun A266 - the sniper - is supposedly alive.

Carter-A259 was critically injured towards the final chapter of Halo Reach (He smashed against the windshield of a crashing pelican - which is why you should always wear your seat-belt). Noble Team was tasked by Dr. Catherine Hasley - mother of the Spartan Program - to deliver a package to the Pillar of Autumn. The package turned out to be Cortana - thereby triggering the events of Halo 1-3 and the adventures of the Spartan Master Chief.

Dying, Carter-A259 dropped Noble 6 and Noble 4 (Emile A239) onto the ground allowing them to proceed to the Pillar of Autumn on foot while he distracted the Covenant air-forces. Unfortunately Noble 4 & 6 were blocked by a Covenant Scarab.  With no other solution in sight and aware of his inevitable death, Carter-A259 broadcast his final words "You're on your own Noble, Carter Out" and crashed his damaged Pelican into the Scarab allowing Noble 6 and Noble 4 to complete their mission

Place single tear here.

Carter-A259 comes dressed in a blue MJOLNIR Mk V armor with silver highlights. His accessories include a Spartan Assault/Commando helmet (With a UA/FC attachment), chest piece and left shoulder piece; a Tactical/Tacpad wrist piece; and FJ/Para Knee guards. I purchased this sealed pack of Carter-A259 at the last Philippine Toycon for PhP 450 (US$ 10.22). He's available on Amazon for US$ 14.99 plus shipping.

Carter-A259 also comes with a DMR Rifle (M392 Designated Marksman Rifle) the "Bigger Brother" of the BR55 Battle Rifle that made its first appearance in Halo 2. Battle Rifles are my personal weapon of preference in Halo.

You can actually feel the weapon fire and see the effect of its power - not like the impotent feeling you get when using a MA5C Assault Rifle. He also comes with a spare pouch that embeds itself between the grenade studs on his back. Unfortunately this prevents you from mounting the grenade that he comes with. It's probably best to give Carter-A259's grenade to someone else. 

What's to like about Carter-A259?

The detail. Carter-A259's weathering is excellent! His armor as a result looks much, much better than the freshly minted Noble 6's armor and even the battle hardened  Noble 4's and Noble 5's. It really looks like Carter-A259 has been through the meat-grinder, came out the other side and climbed back in just to disable it. Carter-A259 has so much weathering that it's actually a more of a challenge to find a clean piece of armor on him. 

Articulation is also excellent. 
Carter-A259 can dual wield his rifle, stare down its barrel and even use it as a weapon. 

Halo Reach Carter-A259 can also grasp his chest mounted blade - a little - however the blade cannot be pulled out - like Noble 4 Emile's Kukri blade - it's purely ornamental. 

What's not to like about Carter-A259? 

Nothing really. Other than the complaints that we've had for quite some time now with regard to the rest of Noble Team i.e. Carter-A259 can't kneel; more weapons would be great; as would optional armor. If you can live with those cosmetic drawbacks, then Carter-A259 is waiting for you. 

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