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G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra: Cobra Commander (Wave 5)

The Hills are Alive....
Presenting Cobra Commander from the G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Series Wave 5. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of Cobra Commander - I'm more of a Serpentor or Destro fan. I've always found his previous action figures to be uninspiring - bordering on boring (Even the Armored version).

The only reason why I would have purchased him in the past was as a token for who he is - or admittedly out of boredom. But I have to admit i actually like the POC Cobra Commander and I'm actually glad that this came with the set that I purchased.

I purchased the POC Wave 5 set in Greenhills for PhP 3,800 (PhP 633) per figure). My ebay toy-supplier Victoyoyos will sell it for less, so if you're after this particular figure or the entire set, please do give him a visit.  

Cobra Commander's Blister Card still keeps Cobra Commander's name a secret and says "Absolute Power! Total control of the world - its people, wealth, and resources. That's the objective of Cobra Commander. This fanatical leader rules with an iron fist. He demands total loyalty and allegiance. His main battle plan for world control relies on revolution and chaos. He is responsible for abducting scientists, business people and military leaders, then forcing them to reveal their top-level secrets."

So what's to like about POC Cobra Commander?

In essence, POC Cobra Commander is an extortionist and a bit of an ego-maniac.

The POC Cobra Commander comes with an overcoat, a cape, a snake baton, command staff, sword, snake dagger, standard issue E.M.I. Electromagnetic Laser Weapon and some of the more memorable weapons used by the Cobra Commander in his most illustrious career: A gravity bomb, Compound-Z container, and a case carrying a secret element.

Let's take the moment to pause and look at just how FAT Cobra Commander is. While wearing his blue overcoat, POC Cobra Commander is reminiscent of how would-be-world-dominators and dictators are usually portrayed or actually are in real-life - just watch CNN and you'll see a ton of those with similar builds. The only thing lacking is a rack of medals.

POC Cobra Commander is fat, pudgy and sooo easy to topple over. He's a joke. Someone claiming to be dangerous but really is a push-over. He's just been lucky this far.

At least that's what he wants you to think. Take off coat and  you're left with a lean, mean armored body of a leader. POC Cobra Commander wants you to underestimate him. I honestly did not think much about the POC Cobra Commander till I took off his over-coat.

He has the lean body and dress of someone who knows how to use the sword. POC Cobra Commander is a figure that wants to lull people into false sense of strength, then he takes off his coat and the POC Cobra Commander reveals his true fangs.

 I can honestly see Cobra Commander fighting expertly with sword and dagger or staff and dagger, lording over his dying vanquished opponents, a Cobra Trooper hands him his pistol and the POC Cobra Commander grants his fallen opponent the honor of a quick death.

And the POC Cobra Commander is actually quite flexible. This is actually the first time I can actually say I respect Cobra Commander and also the first time that I can actually see any actual command potential.

Another nice thing about the POC Cobra Commander is the detail that Hasbro put into him. Just look at  Cobra Commander's exquisite wingtips. POC Cobra Commander definitely has taste and a sense of style. 

So what's NOT to like about POC Cobra Commander?

I think the biggest let down with the figure is that they did not bother to install the new wrist hinges. All the POC Cobra Commander's wrists do is turn. It would have been interesting to see the POC Cobra Commander hyper-extend that sword or the dagger. 

I would also be nice if the POC Cobra Commander could have more metal on him - not just in terms of medals for his chest plate, but perhaps Hasbro can release a variant collectible with gold plating for the staff, baton, dagger and even the cape clasps. I would so like to see this variant. 

Lastly, he's a bit bow-legged.

I do believe that the POC Cobra Commander is the finest Cobra Commander to enter the market and a Cobra Commander worthy of respect. I like him, I recommend having him and I hope that Hasbro will actually release a chase variant of him or I'll just buy another one and paint it myself.

The world trembles at my feet, I am the Joe's number 1 enemy! They call me many things! Mad-man; Dictator; Pure Evil; Would be World Dictator! But in my heart-of-hearts I am one thing above all else... I am....

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