Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Transformers Reveal the Shield: Perceptor

Presenting Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor. I have to admit that I wasn't too keen on collecting Perceptor because I really hated that he transformed into a Half-track ATV instead of a Microscope. But then I chanced upon Reveal the Shield Perceptor's entry in and was quite happy to see that Reveal the Shield
Perceptor had a fans-concept third transformation mode: a Microscope. So when I chanced upon Reveal the Shield Perceptor in Toys R'Us at a shelf price of PhP 699.75, I grabbed him. I have to admit that its not a perfect transformation, but the lenses and knobs do line up where a microscope's would which makes it good enough.

Perceptor is the Autobot's chief egg-head. He's often been described as a happy egg-head who often loses himself, and others, in hyperbolic conversation. Perceptor's Blister card reads: "Perceptor is one of the most brilliant scientists ever produced by Cybertron. Much of the technology the Autobots take for granted is due to his discoveries. It is rare that he actually builds or invents anything himself, but his insights make it possible for engineers and inventors to continue the pace of technological development" In other words Reveal the Shield Perceptor is not an inventor, he's a scientist - which explains why Wheeljack built the Dinobots, not Perceptor.

What's to like about Perceptor?
Obviously you have to enjoy the accidental ability of Reveal the Shield Perceptor to be a triple changer - even if the final result is rough and I sincerely doubt that Hasbro meant really for Perceptor to be able to transform into a microscope.
Search the internet and you'll actually find more than one variation of Reveal the Shield Perceptor's microscope mode. Most of it involves changes in the base, but I prefer this particular setting. 

Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor's primary mode is a tracked truck - in homage to his being a "research" oriented Autobot who, by chance, does specialize in Metallurgy (Among other things. A bit of a nerd really). Perceptor's tracks do not move (Shame) and each track set has a built in dowel, which, combined with the forward wheels, allows Reveal the Shield Perceptor to roll back-and-forth. 
Perceptor tends to be a bit of a low-rider and unless you tuck in his arms properly beneath him, chances are you'll be scraping the chrome off his forearm's discs. 
I think the light-rack up on top could have used better detail and that silver bolt sticking out the back is waay out of place. Reveal the Shield Perceptor also has a really weird license plate on the back - MR-5-14-09. Rumor has it that this is a Hasbro inside joke and has something to do with the birth date of Bill Rawley's daughter (Bill is a Hasbro senior designer). While that may be "cute" it has nothing to do with the character of Perceptor - unlike say the onomatopoeia statements on the side of his fellow Autobot Warpath.

What's also to like is how close Perceptor's detail is to his original cartoon incarnation. The only real difference is the position of the "microscope's" tube.  

Let's take the time to note here that this is one of those rare Autobots in this particular series that comes with chrome parts: Perceptor's microscope tube, fine and coarse adjustment knobs and stage are chromed pieces. If you pull down his stage (Chestpiece if you don't remember your microscope parts from grade school), you will find the "Reveal the Shield" Autobot signal.

Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor is pretty agile and you will find the articulation more than acceptable. You can even re-position the microscope tube up or have it shift to the right of the figure. The only real fault here is that - as with most Transformers in this series, Perceptor cannot turn at the hip. While the "spike" at the tube extends, it does not fire by the way.

What's not to like about Perceptor?
Aside from the weird light-rack, lack of actual tracks and a stiff lower back that prevents him from turning, collectors who purchase the Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor may not appreciate:

  • The fact that Reveal the Shield Perceptor does not have a weapon. Other than Perceptor's shoulder mounted weapon, he does not have any other weapon or device to hold on to. True Perceptor is not a big fan of hand-to-hand combat, but surely, a small laser pistol like he does in the cartoons. Anything! Transform Perceptor and you'll figure out that he has more than enough room for a folding pistol.
  • The dead-pan face. As previously mentioned, Perceptor is a happy guy. So why does his face look like he just accidentally fired a nuke and wiped out all of the Autobots? Seriously Perceptor's facial expression is really disconcerting. A little note though: If they come up with a Fanproject to light up his eyes? It would probably look really great!
Overall because of his fan-inspired third mode, Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor is a nice figure to have in any collection. Perceptor is definitely a curiosity worth discussing and having. 

Perceptor is also worth having because he has a FOURTH MODE!!!!

A parting shot at Wheeljack :)

Perceptor: Wheeljack my friend. I'm sorry but it's official
Wheeljack: What is?
Perceptor: You're short
Wheeljack: I have a gun pointed at your gonads.


  1. Okay okay, your review makes him better :) For the triple changer option, I did notice his chest piece flips down, but never tried to go the rest of the way, nice find. I'm still having trouble with the back piece falling down and his arms dangle back.

  2. That's the part that I don't get. Are you sure he's completely transformed? Because my Perceptor's back-pack is locked into place and the arms are solid and easy to move.


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