Monday, May 23, 2011

Transformers Cybertronian Soundwave

Presenting Soundwave from the TF War for Cybertron Video Game. After our feature on the Reveal the Shield Perceptor, where we showed that Perceptor was a triple changer thanks to the creatives minds at, I thought that we might as well show another Transformer gifted with a third form thanks to The Cybertronian Soundwave. I am particularly fond of this "third" form because - if you've played War for Cybertron - then you do know that the Cybetronian Soundwave is indeed a triple changer and is one of the bosses that the Autobots have to battle - along with Soundwave's little friends Laserbeak, 

Sadly Soundwave has always been viewed as a "Uncharismatic Bore" forever at the side of Megatron. Happily Soundwave is not the brown-nose traitor that Starscream is - but neither is he entirely loyal. Soundwave will serve, loyally, whoever is in power - even once trying to assume that power for himself in Transformers the movie. Soundwave fights loyally at the side of Megatron in Transformers War for Cybertron. But for the longest time I was disappointed that Soundwave could only transform into a futuristic truck that looks like it was made for ramming things and not into his "Boombox" mode which Soundwave did in the video game. So I was so happy when I saw that had figured out how to do it.

What's to like about the Transformers Cybertronian Soundwave?

The sleek and cool looking "Boombox" mode of course:
 Note how you can still open Soundwave's "Cassette Tape holder" and it looks like he actually has a cassette tape inside thanks to his removable shoulder mounted missile launcher and laser pistol. Alswo note how ominous Soundwave's rear looks. Form behind, Soundwave looks like some crawling armored insect. 

You also have to like Soundwave's look. Soundwave simply looks sharp! Soundwave's design is very futuristic and his look borders on the heroic. Here is Soundwave without his shoulder mounted rocket launcher and pistol, and with his "Cassette Tape holder" open.

Soundwave can dual wield his weapons - once drawn - or mount them and exhibit this particular Transformer's wonderful articulation. Soundwave unfortunately cannot twist his torso - but then neither can most Transformers within this series.

And then there's Soundwave's SUV mode which looks like it's about to ram something. It's compact, and has spikes. What more can you ask for?  I particularly like the way the front rake looks like it's reaching forward to grab something.

What's not to like about Soundwave?

Well probably the fact that the Cybertronian Soundwave does not come with any cassettes. And it does not look like anything will be fitting in their other than the Cybertronian Soundwave's weapon tubes.

Another problem would be that while he may be lithe and flexible, his parts - especially Cybertronian Soundwave's shoulder pauldrons and really, really big feet, tend to keep running into each other.

In the end The War for Cybertron Soundwave is not something I would recommend only because he's not a major character. But if you are a hardcore collector or are just looking to make someone really happy, then the Cybertronian Soundwave is a very nice Transformer to place right behind Megatron.

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