Friday, May 20, 2011

Toy News: Darkchilde Rising

Presenting Illyana Nokolievna Rasputina, also known as the former New Mutant and now X-Man Magik (Currently under arrest), also known as the Darkchilde, ruler of the dimension of Limbo. Little sister or snowflake to Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin, also known as the X-Man Colossus; and Mikhail Nikolaeivitch Raputin, Russian Cosmonaut and mentally unbalanced would be world messiah. The Darkchilde's visage, as she is seen in X-Infernus # 1 (Original art by David Finch), is immortalized in polystone by Sideshow Collectibles. She will be available starting the 3rd Quarter of 2011 and only 500 of these exclusive comiquettes  will be made - so pre-orders yours at this website today. Check out the photos after the jump. Please note that this is a presentation of the Darkchilde prior to her re-taking of Limbo, which explains why she's holding a battle-axe instead of her traditional Soulsword. But don't worry, the Darkchilde comicquette also comes with a Soulsword that you can substitute for the battle axe. 


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