Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Transformers Galaxy Force Vector Prime

Presenting Transformers Galaxy Force Vector Prime - Voyager Class.  I purchased him last week loose but complete off the black market for PhP 1,000. Note that I designated him as a Galaxy Force Vector Prime and not a Transformers Cybertron Vector Prime - Which is the cartoon that first gave popularity to Vector Prime. I designated him a Galaxy Force Vector Prime because, based upon his paint scheme, this particular Vector Prime was made by Takara and not Hasbro.  When Vector Prime was first released in 2005, Hasbro kept his colors stark i.e. bone white, solid browns, blues and gold. Takara stayed truer to the cartoon and muted Vector Prime's whites and browns to bring out more of the intricate gold color detail that they spent more time and effort on.  
It is also not to be confused with the 2008 Vector Prime (Mostly brown instead of white) re-deco that was released  in recognition of the fact that Vector Prime was a time manipulator and as such made himself omni-present to deal with the multitude of threats that faced the Autobots. As such it is perfectly understandable that cosmetic changes would occur. The death of Vector Prime did not necessarily mean the end of Vector Prime as there were countless other versions of him alive in the time-stream or alternate realities. Note that this 2008 Transformers Universe Vector Prime does away with the Cybertron-Key activated sound effects - even if it maintains a Cyberkey.

Transformers Galaxy Force Vector Prime transforms into an ancient fighter jet with exposed golden machinations akin to the internal workings of a clock and wings that fold out into solar collectors or sails much like the wings of a Star Wars Tie-Fighter. Vector Prime comes with a mini-con named Roots (Safeguard in for Hasbro) that can attach itself to a stud behind the cockpit area of Vector Prime

Transformers Galaxy Force Vector Prime rests on what can only be described as a very large cargo compartment. Four tiny built in dowels allow him to be rolled forward and back. You can clearly see his four Gauss cannons slung underneath the fuselage.

Up front is Vector Prime's "Probability Torpedo", his main weapon that causes its victims to experience the effects of causality i.e. existing and not existing at the same time or experiencing the effects of other realities simultaneously. Press the little button in front of the cockpit to launch the spring-loaded missile.

Vector Prime is one of the "Original thirteen" Transformers and the designated guardian of Time and Space - which is why he has all the clock-work machinations happening all over his body. He's always appealed to me because he reminds me of an archaic knight who comes out at a time when he is most needed too save the day - or die trying - which is essentially what he did in the Transformers Cybertron cartoon where he eventually perished (At least this "time's" incarnation of him). His Takara motto is "Time Transcends the person who does not know the limit of oneself." (Deep) versus his Hasbro slogan of "For Honor! For Glory! For Cybertron!"

Vector Prime's articulation is unfortunately not the best in the world - mostly because of the inner speaker system integrated in Vector Prime resulting into him being unable to twist his torso. 

Adding to Vector Prime's "Knightly image" is the way his front fuselage and wings fold into his back like a flowing short cape. The forward fuselage also stores Vector Prime's sword Rhisling or CyberCaliber. 

Rhisling is actually the reason I purchased Vector Prime. At the end of the Transformers Cybertron cartoon, Optimus Prime is bequeathed Rhisling upon the death of Vector Prime. And it just so happens that this particular Optimus Prime is my favorite - so anything to keep him upgraded.

The Transformers Galaxy Force Vector Prime also comes with a Cyber Key. Entering the Cyber Key into  Vector Prime's chest area activates the humming of an engine - I know, super dramatic. Further while the key is in place, every right arm movement activates a sword-slashing sound (Rhisling whistling through the air).

So if you're looking for a regal, well built, well designed Autobot that isn't just a member of the Optimus Prime and the Pips" squad, then this particular Transformer is for you. Transformers Galaxy Force Vector Prime is a knight. The last of his kind, leading the charge against the greatest evil in the universe.

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