Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sinestro Corps: Arkillo

Presenting the snapping jaws of the Sinestro Corp's main muscle: Arkillo from the Blackest Night Series 7 action figure set. Sinestro Corp's Arkillo is a re-issued re-paint of Green Lantern Series 1 action figure set Kilowog. Naturally a new head was introduced and a new set of hands - though both Sinestro Corp's Arkillo and Green Lantern Corp's Kilowog are apparently right handed.

Sinestro Corp's Arkillo supposedly comes from the same space sector as Lantern Kilowog and both used to have the same profession in their respective corps - the role of drill-sergeant (A role which Lantern Kilowog has since passed on to Lantern Stel) Although Sinestro Corp's Arkillo has a very different method of motivating Sinestro Corps members i.e. he kills everyone who doesn't perform. 

On to the good stuff:
If you like big solid, heavy figures, then Sinestro Corp's Arkillo is the figure for you. Arkillo stands around 7.5 inches tall and weighs a solid 1.2 pounds. Throw him and he's a big plastic rock. The detail is great from his beady "Piggy" eyes, to his giant incisors to the tongue hanging on a string around his throat - yes that's Arkillo's tongue. 

Sinestro Corp's Arkillo first made his appearance in the Sinestro Corp War where he went toe-to-toe with - of course - Lantern Kilowog. He severely delivered the beat down on Lantern Kilowog more than once - brutalizing him first on Oa, then on Earth - declaring that Lantern Kilowog could not defeat him because he refused to kill. Their first tussle however left Sinestro Corp's Arkillo buried under rubble. Their second tussle resulted in Sinestro Corp's Arkillo being pounded with - yes - an entire aircraft carrier. Latern Kilowog left their battle by cutting off Sinestro Corp's Arkillo's ring finger and keeping his ring as a trophy. 

Sinestro Corp's Arkillo regained a ring later, but honestly I don't see Lantern Kilowog returning his finger. So he must have some natural regenerative ability or that's a prosthesis.
After the war, Sinestro was detained by the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corp was reformed by Mongul - Superman's playmate - who declared himself the new head of the Sinestro Corp. Arkillo didn't agree with Mongul and the two tussled for leadership of the Sinestro Corp. While the battle was truly epic and Mongul finally had an opponent who was more brutal than Superman, Mongul came out of top and granted Arkillo the pleasure of continuing to serve in the Sinestro Corp WITHOUT the ability to vocally challenge him ever - so he ripped out Arkillo's tongue - which he later found and wore around his neck (Debunking the healing ability theory so no one really knows why he got his finger back).
On to the bad stuff:
Unfortunately, Sinestro Corp's Arkillo is a re-sculpt of Lantern Kilowog. Same build, same muscles, different paint, hands and head. It shows a severe lack of creativity on the part of DC Direct. Because of this, well... his articulation is quite limited - not that he needs a lot of posing to look menacing, but what you see below is perhaps the extent of the articulation you'd have if you want to re-create Sinestro Corp's Arkillo versus Lantern Kilowog.

The good news is that Sinestro Corp's Arkillo retails on the black market and Amazon for only around PhP 800 to PhP 1000. If you're looking for a nicely sculpted heavy paperweight/conversation piece, then this is a great figure for you. 

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