Tuesday, April 12, 2011

G.I. Joe: Cobra Ferret (Custom)

While trawling through Greenhills a few months back, I came across this Cobra Ferret. This particular Cobra Ferret is a custom job done in military olive drab that gave it a neutrality that allows it to be used by G.I. Joe. The fun fact about this though is that this particular custom job is not original. Trawl the internet and you will find photos just like it. The original Cobra Ferret was meant as an answer to the fast G.I. Joe RAM cycles. While the Cobra Ferret could not match the RAM Cycles in speed, the Cobra Ferret could go where the awkwardly balanced RAM Cycle could not. However unlike the RAM cycle that could rely on its speed to keep its driver safe, the Ferret has neither armor or speed, reducing it to security and/or infantry support roles. 
This particular custom job, enhances its role as an infantry support vehicle and grants it a one-shot assault role - well there is power in numbers after all so imagine a cadre of one-shot assault vehicles coming down on a base's defenses. 
This custom Cobra Ferret maintains its steering controlled .50 caliber dual front mounted machine guns, and the two laser-seeking 'Com-Bat' Rockets, but drops the side-slung Electric CMF-1 10 round grenade launcher and trades it for.... I have no idea what that is (Or where it's originally from)... a very big rocket launcher (One so big and powerful that it has to be kept in an armored hold instead of being readily launch-able.)

To fire the weapon, simply lift the cowling and press the button at the back which will - hopefully - eject a missile forward and clear of the Cobra Ferret before firing off the missile's propellant - thereby keeping the driver of the Cobra Ferret safe from an otherwise nasty death by charbroiling. 

This particular modified Cobra Ferret was picked off the shelves of Greenhills for a measly PhP 300 - Beachhead figure not included.

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