Sunday, March 6, 2011

Transformers: Reveal the Shield G2 Laser Optimus Prime

Presenting the Deluxe Class Generation 2 (G2) Laser Optimus Prime from the Transformers: Reveal the Shield line. It's a re-make of the G2 Laser Optimus Prime. Just like the original G2 Laser Optimus Prime, the box describes this form as a result of severed damage to Prime's body which called for his having to be rebuilt.

The original was called "Laser" because his main weapon was a "Laser-Guided" missile and also because it had a button that lit up a red LED in his hand which - as the properties of light goes - traveled up the sword in his hand so it looked like a Laser Sword. This version however does not have any such diode or lighting, nor does it have a laser-guided missile - but it does have the sword and it does have a plethora of translucent parts. He even has the same more Japanese, anime type facial structure as the original Laser Prime. 

Unfortunately, I have to say that I have a Brown Beast War Gorilla Prime that carries a surfboard that looks more like an Optimus Prime than this does. 
It took me a while to figure out why this new G2 Optimus Prime was not Prime enough. It wasn't just the sharp facial features. I have Primes with sharper facial features and then there are the Beast Wars Primes which are totally different from Optimus Prime's face. After looking at my vast collection I figured out what was wrong: The highlight of every Prime in my collection was Prime's chest. It stood out, was always accented, proudly thrust forward. This particular G2 Optimus Prime's highlight was not his chest - though it is pretty big. The highlights are the G2 Optimus Prime's massive shoulder pieces - which look like stereo speakers (happily they addressed that here) in the original Laser G2 Optimus Prime.

So personally, it's no great addition to an Optimus Prime collection - though it's starting to become rare. Since I got this last week at Toys R' Us for PhP 699.75.

I've more than once thought of the Autobot Huffer and how much he looks like him.

Now the good news: The transformation and articulation of the G2 Optimus Prime is excellent! The transformation difficulty level on the box of G2 Optimus Prime is 3 - the transformation is complex enough to keep you interested and it leaves no huge gaping holes on the back or anywhere.

The final product is a solid figure. And as you can see below, G2 Optimus Prime's articulation allows him to actually hold his short sword (Another un-Primey feature - a short sword? Really?) with both hands.

Not that many Primes in my collection can actually do this - mostly because their chests are so big. 

The only flaw in articulation for G2 Optimus Prime lies in its leg joints. Those massive tires keep the knees from fully bending, so G2 Optimus Prime cannot kneel. G2 Optimus Prime also has limited torso twisting ability.

I speak softly, but carry a BIG..... er SHARP stick!

The truck version of G2 Optimus Prime also leaves much to be desired. It follows the color scheme of the original G2 Laser Optimus Prime - black hood with red and blue trim - but this new G2 Optimus Prime incorporates the flame paint-job inspired by the movie Optimus Prime. It looks tacky. And do you see how many colors are involved? G2 Optimus Prime's orange window pane keeps standing out like a sore thumb.

The redeeming value of the G2 Optimus Prime's truck mode is the back. G2 Optimus Prime's sword becomes a trailer attachment. Already there are rumors afloat on the internet about an upgrade to the G2 Optimus Prime in the form of a trailer. This would be a welcome upgrade because the original G2 Laser Optimus Prime interacted/drew fire support from his trailer.

Also note the rear of the G2 Optimus Prime where not only do you find a big empty area which begs to have something installed up there, but the clear plastic on the back of G2 Optimus Prime's head which is also begging to be lit up.

All in all, it's a solid build and a great toy, but it does not have the character of Optimus Prime. So if you have the money, grab it. But if you're having doubts, grab Kup instead, he'll probably be worth more in the future. 

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