Friday, March 25, 2011

Transformers: Jet Magna Convoy - A word.

We got a question in our facebook page regarding Jet Magna Convoy's.... rear. To be perfectly honest, despite the fact that Jet Magna Convoy is one of my favorite combiner Transformers, it is a huge pain in the neck to put together, and when - through some miracle - you are able to form Jet Magna Convoy, you'll find out that a strong breeze can knock him over. It makes Jet Magna Convoy impressive and pretty much a whimp. 
The question involves the fully combined Jet Magna Convoy: Transformers Armada Jetfire's cockpit was being knocked out of place by Transformers Armada Overload. I have two theories why this may happen. 

The first is that Transformers Armada Jetfire's cockpit is not low enough

This is what Transformers Armada Jetfire should look like from behind before you thrust Transformers Armada Optimus Prime up on top of him. Note at this point that I tilted the cockpit back and how much it looks like a hook.

That's important because once the two are attached, you'll actually find a "ledge" on Transformers Armada Optimus Prime's back where Transformers Armada Jetfire's cockpit hooks on. further locking them into place as shown below.

The second is that Transformers Armada Overload is not attached properly

Attaching Transformers Armada Overload over Transformers Armada Optimus Prime's back is not easy. There are two ways to attach him. The first and easiest way is to just place Transformers Armada Overload over Transformers Armada Optimus Prime's back. The clashing plastic will hold him in place. The second - the correct way (unfortunately), involves:

a) Twisting Transformers Armada Optimus Prime's arm into a position that could very well break the arm. I have three Transformers Armada Optimus Primes. The first one I purchased years ago has a broken arm because I twisted it into the position shown to the right. It is unnatural for Transformers Armada Optimus Prime and you will feel the resistance almost immediately. More often than not that gold/brown portion will be broken. You can super-glue it back together, but if you keep transforming him, you will just keep breaking it - especially since the joint is under pressure. I eventually super-glued mine, but placed a bonding agent (thin piece of paper) in between to help hold the two pieces together. My personal recommendation is: Buy another one - one that you can transform on a regular basis, and one that never leaves Jet Magna Convoy mode. You can also try oiling or loosening the joint.

b) Once you've transformed him, you have to align that small red spoke with a small receptacle on Transformers Armada Overload's side. These two are supposed to lock together and you will notice when you do this that the arms are again placed under pressure as now you are asserting a side pressure to the joint and adding the weight of Transformers Armada Overload to the joint. Chances are good, this is where you will lose Transformers Armada Optimus Prime's arms.

The final Product should look like the image below with Transformers Armada Jetfire and Transformers Armada Overload just barely touching each other.

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