Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Transformers Armada Jetfire - Part 2 of our Jet Magna Convoy Feature

Let me tell you my personal motto: VICTORY IS MINE!
Presenting my Transformers Armada Jetfire - not to be confused with the ancient SR-71 Blackbird with targeting problems from the movie. Jetfire is Optimus Prime's second in command throughout the Unicron Trilogy (Armada, Energon & Cybertron) but Jetfire is probably best known for when he combines with Optimus Prime in Armada and Cybertron. I found this particular Jetfire while trawling through the Black Market of Greenhills. I found Jetfire loose, but complete and fully functional so I got him for half the price of what he costs - simply because Jetfire was loose. Nowadays a fully boxed version of Jetfire would probably sell for PhP 4,000 to PhP 5,000.

The Transformers Armada Jetfire is modeled into one of the soon to be decommissioned US Space Shuttles that were quite popular when they were introduced in the 80s. What's unique about Jetfire is his mini-con Comettor. Comettor transforms into a moon buggy - boring. It's Comettor's third mode that's of import. He actually forms the landing gear of Jetfire while Jetfire is in shuttle mode. This is unique because most mini-cons are "enhancers" - they give boosts. Comettor serving as Jetfire's landing gear makes him essential to the operations of the larger transformer - which isn't common. Some may argue that Overload from our previous review does the same thing, but I beg to differ - Overload is not sentient, he's a drone. Jetfire is sentient - he's second in command of the Autobots.

Most of Jetfire's electronics and mini-con boosts are tied to his jet-form. Snap a Mini-Con into either of the two Powerlinx studs on his wings and Jetfire drops a missile/bomb (Kinda lame actually especially since you have to mount the missile/bombs into special locks first - you can also keep them attached to regular studs next to the launch stud). Press down on his tail and you get a "laser" sound effect (the main engine becomes jetfire's blaster, so that's why there's a laser sound effect). Press up on the tail and you get a countdown and blast-off sound effect - too bad he didn't come with a launch pad.

Attach a Mini-Con to the Powerlinx stud above Jetfire's engine and you get your "boost" as two extra forward canted wings pop out. Supposedly these wings help Jetfire in atmospheric flight.

Jetfire's payload bay opens up, but there's not much that you can do there. There are some strange astronomical diagrams etched into each of Jetfire's payload doors and there are two Powerlinx studs found inside, but these are inert and do nothing. 

Jetfire has a shield which also becomes the rear-landing gear. 

Here is Jetfire fully transfomed. Note that his Shield is upside down. I just find the reverse too awkward. It keeps bumping into his wings or onto those two vestigal wings on his chest. Jetfire's main engine becomes his main weapon and as mentioned, it's freakin huge! Jetfire's design makes him quite top heavy and barrel chested so don't expect much reach from his arms - which are "stuby" nor much pose-ability from his amply articulated legs because his legs won't be able to support the weight. 
Jetfire can transform into a pair of legs as shown below. These become the legs of Jet Convoy or Jet Prime - depending upon whether you follow the American Transformers or the Japanese Transformers. The sad part about this is that Jet Convoy's connection is and always will be weak. Also once you attach the Shield to Prime's chest, he becomes top heavy - and tends to lean forward. Jetfire's legs are not strong enough to keep Jet Convoy up which is why the designers made it so that the wings swoop down to provide additional support. Unfortunately when you do this, you totally rob the legs of any articulation. 
Still you have to admit, that's pretty cool!


  1. Thanks so much, I have some pieces of the overload and because you took the time to explain the rollout I now have aname for it..

    1. No problem. If you have any further questions, do visit the contact me tab or join us on Facebook:


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