Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toy News: Angel and Storm Sideshow Collectibles

Presenting Angel and Storm Comiquettes from Sideshow Collectibles! Growing up in the Philippines, you get exposed to a lot of religious iconography: Saints, Jesus Christ, Crucifixes, the Virgin Mary, little cherubims, and a lot of angels. So while trawling through the website I confess that I had to stop and wonder what my sacred ancestors would think, say and do if they saw this hanging around a living room. 

Personally, I would expect the same reaction that I'd probably get from them watching Madonna gyrating to "Like a Prayer" while crucifixes burned behind her.

Still, it's a very striking image of Warren Worthington III better known as the X-Men's Angel. Angel is now a Sideshow Collectible Comiquette by the hands of David Cortes and David Igo. Angel is expected to ship by the fall of 2011 and can be pre-ordered for a whopping US$299.99 plus shipping at

What I would personally love to see is both Davids creating a variant of this Angel this time showcasing him as Archangel. Both together used as bookends would be simply exquisite. 

Joining the Sideshow Collectible Angel is Ororo Munroe aka Storm from back when the X-Men were all X-Women and Storm sported a Mohawk. This Sideshow Collectible Storm is based upon the arm of Jelena Djurdjevic and is surprisingly cheaper than the Sideshow Collectible Angel at only US@ 199.99 plus shipping - also available in the Fall of 2011 at

I personally miss this incarnation of Storm who has chosen to remain in the sidelines of the current X-Men series instead of asserting herself as the X-Men's leader. The Sideshow Collectible Storm is how Storm looked like when she challenged Scott Summers (Cyclops) for leadership of the X-Men (And she did it without having powers). It is said that her personality is as changing as the seasons so hopefully one day she will re-assert herself and reclaim her rightful place as the leader of the X-Men.

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